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2000 - Every Page Indeed

'Words Fail Me'

Click on this link to download EVERY PAGE INDEED in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2001 (SOCAN/BMI)

The songs on EVERY PAGE INDEED were written & recorded quickly, but are a lot more crafted & suited for a coffehouse than most of my other projects.  There were mixed results as usual:  "Words Fail Me" may be my best song, but "Bring on the Wagons" reeks of valium that I never took.

Moving out of a downtown Ottawa rooming house into more mellow suburban confines on the South end meant that I was less rushed in putting the songs together than I had been with, say, THE GUTTER SONGS.  Oh, yeah, and that's the place I was living, right there in the picture, see?

So, the story behind these tunes was that I had hauled myself into a church in a fit of piety, and the scene wasn't working out too good.   Dogma and doctrine ain't my strong points.  The songs will make more sense with that in mind.

The recording could have been better.  The stereo separation between the guitar and the vox was extreme on the original cassette, but this has been fixed wherever it could be.

SONGS: Every Page Indeed, Words Fail Me, Strange in my Shoes, One More Prayer, Never Nuthin' Wrong, Bring on the Wagons, That's the Past, Hope Springs Eternal

Songs by Martin Warren.