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2000 - One Bowlfull of Rice Greul For You

  'Age of Gold'

Click on THIS link to download ONE BOWLFULL in its entirety as a .zip file.

All songs by Martin Warren (c)
2000 (SOCAN/BMI).

Most of the songs on ONE BOWLFULL were written between Janurary and March of 2000, although 'Age of Gold' (possibly the best track) dated from 1999. These tunes were folksy offerings ranging from the bleak 'Trail to Numa', a song inspired by the scarlet fever epidemic in Indiana in 1900, to 'Matter of Time's THAW-like introspection (with coherence).

The project began when I fixed up a beat-up old Stella with three strings and a broken neck that I had found in an Ottawa city park one hot summer day in 1999.  I hadn't written any songs for awhile, so I saw it as a chance to sharpen my approach into something less convoluted than had been.

Most of these songs were recorded to 4-track cassette by Kevin Brennan and mixed by me in May 2000.  Kevin contributes bass, slide guitar, keyboards, harmonica, mandolin, and background vox to various tracks. 
I play acoustic guitar.   My post-production is minimal on ONE BOWLFULL, except on 'The Guest House', where I was up to my usual tricks.

SONGS: Age of Gold, Trail to Numa, The Guest House, Quasimodo is Free, Sandeaters, Musala, Matter of Time

Songs by Martin Warren. Keyboards, Harp, Mandolin, and Slide Guitar by Kevin Brennan.