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1997 - Thaw


'Dragging You Down'

Click on THIS link to download THAW in its entirety as a .zip file.

All songs by Martin Warren (c) 1997 (SOCAN/BMI)

The songs that wound up on THAW didn't have much in common with one another, unless the themes of stress, mental exhaustion, writer's block, and ultimate madness count.  Yes, madness, especially ultimate madness!  Gnats! ('Gnat')  Mummification! ('Full-Body Cast'),  South American river mermaids! ('Aracu Fish')...'Oh, My! '.  That should make for some great tunes, huh?

Afraid not, Bubbles.  There are four or five worthwhile songs on THAW.  'Lunch on the Plane' and 'Dragging You Down' are clearly the best.  'Thaw', 'Aracu Fish', 'Projection Room' and 'Gnat' all have sounds that some folks might find interesting.  The production is eclectic but generally decent.  The lyrics are too clinical and bookish, though.  

Parts of THAW were written in Vancouver BC and Ottawa ON, but most of the recording was done in Fredericton NB.  The guitar work of Robb Chessie on 'Dragging You Down' and Joey Haley on 'Packaged Deal' are among the best things about this batch.

When I finally did get around to sifting through THAW project material at CHSR-FM studios for anything salvageable, I also began working with Joey Haley on the first ARCHITECTURE & COMMUNITY PLANNING collaboration.   Its totally improvised song structures and reliance on tape loops and sound effects got me about as far removed from folk music as I could get; a great relief at the time.

I also speed-recorded some experimental lo-fi tracks in mid-1997 under the project title LOYALIST COURT since they didn't fit THAW.

The back cover photo to THAW was taken by Katherine Miller at the Malcom Lowry Room in Vancouver in July, 1995.  The 'compost luncheon' photo was taken by Scott Rabo at around the same time.

SONGS: Gnat, Lunch on a Plane, Dragging You Down , Aracu Fish, Packaged Deal, Full-Body Cast, Projection Room, Thaw, Touched Gopher, Uke, Gnat (version 2)

PERSONNEL: Songs & Production by Martin Warren. Lead guitar on "Dragging You Down" and fiddle on "Gnat" by Robb Chessie. Effects guitar on "Packaged Deal" by Joey Haley. Mostly recorded at CHSR-FM studios, Fredericton