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1994 - The Ottawa Tapes

'If It Makes You Feel Any Better'

Click on this link to download THE OTTAWA TAPES (1994) in its entirety as a .zip file.

All songs by Martin Warren (c) 1994 (SOCAN/BMI). 

This is just a sketchbook of my first attempts to play guitar and write the music to my own songs.  THE OTTAWA TAPES was what I had scrawled on the label of the 45-minute BASF normal cassette.  I had just moved to Ottawa, hence that 'working' title, which is putting it a bit strongly.  These songs are undeveloped at best, with the possible exception of  'If It Makes You Feel Any Better', which had been written in Fredericton in November 1993 or thereabouts.

I can still play 'Yours Infernally' and 'Knife' live from time to time without cringing.

The prescence of former Skeleton X guitar and keyboard master Kevin B
rennan on 'Damage' and 'If It Makes You Feel Any Better' helps those songs along greatly, and also points to the THE OTTAWA TAPES genesis as a new batch of songs intended for that band.

As for recording equipment, I had an ancient Clarion all-in-one unit with accidental overdubbing capabilities owing to a faulty recording head, as well as unpredictable speed variations.  (Okay, OK...the speed and tempo changes weren't all the fault of the tape deck, but there's enough scratchiness in this recording to make a shortwave radio proud!).

SONGS: Spook, I Really Like You, If It Makes You Feel Any Better(If It Makes Things Any Easier),

Damage, Goodbye to You, Knife, Not Too Much, San Diego, Burning Pig, Yours Infernally,

Marquis Delayed, Waiting For Dawn, Shut You Up, Egg, I Dig You

All songs by Martin Warren � 1994 (SOCAN/BMI).

PERSONNEL: Songs by Martin Warren. Recorded live to 2-track w/ experimental overdubs.
Keyboards on "Spook", "If It Makes You Feel Any Better", and "Damage" by Kevin Brennan.