Martin's Chapel

General Baptist Church

In the early 1900's there was a group of people in the Sengtown community of Sumner County, Tennessee who felt the need for an organized place of worship. Prayer meetings had been held at neighbor's houses, but, did not fulfill that need.
During a severe drought this faithful group met at the local schoolhouse and offered up special prayer. God answered. The clouds rolled in and rain fell to earth once more and the drought was ended.
On December 3, 1909 a group of men from the Mt. Union Presbytery of General Baptist met at the old Martin's Chapel Schoolhouse to organize a church. With 26 charter members in attendance, the church doors were opened and five members were received. After the service 24 were baptized in a spring branch on a nearby farm. The spring was used because it was too cold to travel by wagons to the nearest creek. During the baptizing service snow began to fall. Members of the newly formed church went home through falling snow.
Since that cold December day, Martin's Chapel General Baptist Church has striven to spread the hope of the Gospel, not only to the surrounding community, but to the entire world.

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