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Wise Blood 2

Wise Blood

Grima Wormtoounge's not dead yet.

My tribute 6

My tribute 5

my tribute 4

My tribute 3

My tribute 2

My tribute

Istanbul part 2

Death Machine 2

Meow Mix

     This sadly doesn't include Brad Dourif, but it's a scene of one of my favorite movies.

Toto- Stranger in town


Another tribute

Istanbul (1985) with Brad Dourif

   My favorite youtube video.... probably

Tales of the crypt 2

another brad dourif video about tales of the crypt

Tales of the crypt with Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif in tales of the crypt

Brad Dourif in the queen alien's nest

Brad Dourif in alien's nest

Brad Dourif in alien part 2

   Brad Dourif in alien 2

Brad Dourif in alien

    The first of 2 alien resurrection videos with Brad Dourif

Wise Blood short clip

Brad Dourif in one of his most expensive movies


            Brad Dourif in the show "Sinseer"

Fatal Beauty

             One of my favorites!

Death Machine

          Brad Dourif in my personal favorite film.

Brad Dourif as... the chipmunk!

    Brad Dourif like a chipmunk

Sonny Boy

        Brad Dourif in "Sonny Boy" with David Carradine

Babylon 5

                        More Brad Dourif. This time he is in The sci-fi action show "Babylon 5"

Brad Dourif tribute

BRAD DOURIF RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Dourif in Black Out

Brad Dourif in Interceptor Force