Mark's Florida Live Rock and Corals Where we carry only the best hand selected and collected Live Rock any where. From Florida aquacultured rock to Fiji and Tonga Branch rock. From Live corals to large assortments of inverabrates.

Live rock


Deco Top Shelf Rock $7.00 per pound.

Premium Coralline Rock $5.75 per pound.

Coralline Rock $3.75 per pound.

Live Base Rock $2.75 per pound.

Live Sand $3.99 per pound

Lot of 100 Blue leg Hermit crabs $35.99

Lot of 50 Astrea snails $21.99

Lot of 50 Nerite snails 25.99

Large Condy Anemone $3.99 each

Large Brown (non-native) Gorgonian $11.99

Large Atlantic Sea Hares $5.99 each

Coral Banded Shrimp pairs $15.99

Peppermint Shrimp (Atlantic) $2.69

Large adult Blue Angels $5.99

Large adult (Atlantic) Tangs $12.99

Serpent starfish $1.99 each

Brittle starfish $3.99 each

Semi-adult queen angels $55.99 each 23 in stock 

Large Scarlet hermit crabs quarter size only $2.75

Large Mexican turbo snails only $1.00 each

Assorted Macro algae's only $8.99 per pound 

Yellow head jawfish 12 just in 7/18/2016

Orange Ricordia leafs (single) $8.50 each

Green Ricordia leafs (single) $7.50 each


                             WHOLESALE TO RETAIL ONLY !!!!!                 


For all orders on shipping there is a $ 10.00 box charge which covers two liners and styro and cardboard box.

I can ship how ever you like. Just remember if you would like overnight shipping please contact Mark or Carla at 1-813-956-9851 

For second day air just remember that the rock will be out of water up to two days which will require at least one week of cycling outside of your display tank till it has finished curing. Mark's Florida Live Rock and Corals, can not be held responsible for shipping delays or damage that may have happened while in transit and curing times may vary.

Local pick up is fine on orders larger than 50 pounds (free).

Anything under 50 pounds for pick up there is a $25.00 charge for local pickup. Local delivery is $15.00. Delivery over 20 miles please call 813-956-9851 for delivery rates. Thank you.