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Live rock

About Me

My name is Mark and have always loved salt water fish aquariums. Florida aquacultured rock is way better than Fiji live rock. Florida Aquacultured live rock has way more growth on it and comes right out of the Gulf of Mexico from a aqua-farm. I have had many tanks with Fiji rock and the rock just did not have alot of growth on it at all. Fiji rock has the highest phosphate levels out of any live rock.  


That was it I was done with the Fiji live rock that was brown and smelled like death. When I got it from the local fish stores. I later found out the Fiji rock is shipped to the United States in cardboard boxes from the Fiji islands. The rock enters the states to LAX where it can sit for weeks out of water till a wholesaler or fish farms buys it. The next few steps were a big pain. After opening the boxes of Fiji rock I found that the rock smelled like there was something rotting away in the box. I had to spend over $150.00 on salt and chemicals to recure it. Then after that it took about 6 to 10 months for it to come back.  Plus Fiji rock has the highest phosphate content out of any other types of live rock. Which can cause corals to stay closed or even cause unwanted algae problems such as the dreaded hair algae. No thanks Fiji rock!!!!