Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star

Castles for Two

Heiress Patricia Calhoun visits the Irish home of her grandmother in the hopes of finding the fairies of whom her grandmother so often spoke. There she meets Brian O'Neil who falls in love with her. When Brian's three sisters nag him into agreeing to marry a wealthy American woman in order to save his family's ancestral estate, however, he must put aside his feelings for Patricia whom he thinks is a poor girl. As a practical joke, Patricia makes Brian think that her old maid secretary is actually the heiress and watches him make a fool of himself proposing to the woman. In the end, Patricia's true identity is revealed and Brian is able to marry the woman he loves as well as save his family home.

Common Ground


Crusading Judge Evans wants to expose the unscrupulous Judge Mordant even though he is engaged to Mordant's daughter, Doris. Hearing of Evans' plan, Mordant devises a scheme of his own and "frames" Evans with five teenage girls and a prostitute. Now in disgrace and alone after Doris leaves him, Evans falls ill, but "the Kid," a teenage girl involved in the frame who has since realized her mistake, nurses him back to health. Then, the Kid takes her companions to the district attorney, and they confess their role in Mordant's plan, thus clearing Evans. With his health and good name restored, Evans tells the Kid that he loves her, and the couple makes plans for marriage.


Because of dwindling assets, Dora and her mother have gone wealthy-husband hunting in Europe, so when Dora falls in love with penniless nobleman Julian Beauclerc, her mother heartily disapproves. When Julian inherits millions and is appointed attaché to the British embassy, however, his marriage proposal can be accepted. Then, Julian realizes that important defense papers entrusted to him have been stolen. He suspects Dora of being the thief because he knows nothing about her past, since she and her mother have kept their poverty a secret. Finally, Julian's brother Henri stumbles upon the papers and, sniffing them, recognizes the perfume of the Countess Zicka. With this evidence, Henri charges the countess with spying and also mends the faltering relationship between Julian and Dora.

The Heart of Nora Flynn

When Brantley Stone hears that his wife is seeing her lover, he tells Nolan, his chauffeur, to rush him back home. When Mrs. Stone sees her husband arrive, she orders her children's nursemaid, Nora Flynn, to tell Brantley that the man, Jack Murray, is really her own sweetheart. This lie eases Brantley's mind, but it so infuriates Nolan, who loves Nora, that he shoots and wounds Jack. Nevertheless, Nora keeps Mrs. Stone's secret, but she finally prevails upon her to tell Nolan the true story. After Nolan and Nora reconcile, however, Brantley dismisses both of them because of their recent conduct. Before they leave, Nolan makes Mrs. Stone promise never to see Jack again, and Nora realizes that, even though it cost her her job, it was worth keeping the secret because it preserved the happiness of the Stone family.

Heart's Desire

Henri Le Rocque's arrival in an island village causes much consternation when he insists upon advanced rental for the land he owns. Accompanying Le Rocque is his nephew Paul, recovering from the effects of an unfortunate love affair. One day, the little flower girl Fleurette visits the Le Rocque estate to make a present of a rare flower and is shot as a trespasser. She is nursed back to health at the mansion, and Paul falls in love with her. However, her former sweetheart, Jacques, appears and persuades Fleurette to run away. As Fleurette returns to the village, she learns that the villagers are planning to storm the mansion and, realizing that she loves Paul, rushes back to warn him. This endears her to Henri, who urges Fleurette to marry his nephew and bring happiness into their lives.

The Lash


One of the customs in the Breton island of St. Ba'tiste is the lashing of any woman involved in a pre-marital or extra-marital affair. As a result, when Sidonie starts an affair with English vacationer Warren Harding, the townsfolk prepare to mete out punishment. To avoid it, Sidonie elopes with Warren, but when she finds him making love to another woman, her first response is conditioned by her upbringing, and she attacks the woman with a whip. Afterward, Sidonie returns alone to St. Ba'tiste, and gets ready to accept her lashing. Just before her public humiliation, however, Warren arrives and refuses to let the whipping take place, after which he pledges to remain faithful to Sidonie.

Lost and Won

Wealthy Walter Crane bets bank director Kirkland Gaige and four other friends that he can make Cinders, a little newsgirl he knows, into a lady so attractive that they will all want to marry her. A year later, Cinders returns from boarding school an attractive young woman, but leaves her comfortable home when she learns that Crane, her sponsor, has lost his money, been demoted to bank teller, and been accused of stealing $50,000. Cinders, determined to find a job, secures a post as a reporter on the newspaper. While investigating the story of the bank theft, she uncovers evidence that proves that Gaige stole the money to buy a necklace for his mistress, Cleo Duvene, and then pinned the crime on Crane. Acquitted of all criminal charges, Crane then proposes marriage to his protégée.

The Morals of Marcus

Carlotta, an English baby orphaned in Turkey when her parents are killed, is brought up in a harem as the foster daughter of Hamdi, the chief of police. When Hamdi prepares to sell her to a wealthy old man, Carlotta rebels and is put in prison. She escapes with Harry Pelligrew, a young Englishman, and travels to England, where destitute, she wanders into the gardens of Marcus Ordeyne, a book-lover and philosopher. Marcus allows her to remain at his home, despite the wishes of his aunt and cousin, who are embarrassed by Carlotta's upbringing and lack of social manners. Marcus himself is embarrassed when Carlotta expresses her appreciation by kissing him. Although Marcus' aunt wants him to marry her daughter, now that he has inherited a fortune, he objects. Hamdi arrives to claim Carlotta, and hires Marcus' supposed friend Pasquale to abduct her. After Pasquale's auto crashes and he dies, Marcus realizes that he loves Carlotta, whereupon he announces that they are to be married.

Oliver Twist

Condemned to the workhouse cellar after asking for a second helping of porridge, Oliver Twist, who never knew his parents, manages to escape and joins Fagin's band of criminals. Then, the brutal Bill Sikes forces him to take part in a burglary, during which Oliver is shot. Despite his part in the robbery, Oliver is taken in by the burglary victims, who nurse him back to health until Bill finds him, and prepares to kill him for ruining his burglary. Bill's wife Nancy alerts the police, though, and they rescue Oliver. Just before he runs away from the authorities, however, Bill, outraged at Nancy, murders her. Then, Bill dies during his escape, after which Mr. Brownlow, a friend of the boy's late father, finds Oliver after years of searching, and restores to him all of his father's property.

The White Pearl

Madly in love, Bob Alden and Nancy Marvell agree to wed, but their plans are abruptly curtailed by Mr. Alden who disapproves of the match. To restore her waning health, Nancy's father sends his daughter on an Oriental cruise. Also on board the ship is Bob, headed for Yokohama on family business. As a love token, Bob buys a pearl necklace from a dying Japanese sailor and gives it to Nancy. Shortly before landing in Japan, the ship springs a leak and starts to sink. To save Nancy from drowning, Bob ties her to a raft, then is knocked unconscious and becomes lost. Nancy, who has lost all memory, is recovered on shore by natives and declared a goddess because of the sacred Buddhist pearl she wears. Pampered, Nancy leads a happy life until Japanese pirates kidnap her and sell her to a rich American as a geisha girl. Before more harm is done, however, Bob rescues her and helps to restore her memory.

The Wood Nymph

Daphne, raised in the redwood forests of California by her reclusive mother, has never seen a man. Having learned of the Greek gods, Daphne mistakes the first man she sees, a hunter named William Jones, for Apollo. Another young man, Fred Arnold, also stumbles upon Daphne, and the two men become friendly rivals for her attentions. When tramps set the forest afire, William fails in his attempt to rescue Daphne, who is found by Fred when she wanders near the men's camp. Fred's father, David Arnold, finds and saves Daphne's mother, only to discover that she is his long-departed wife and that Daphne and Fred are brother and sister. Husband and wife are reconciled, and William and Daphne are united.