Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star

A suffrage operetta at the Waldorf

The following notice appeared in the New York Times on 31 December 1915:-

Melinda Pepper, the youngest of the children of the brain of Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont, who will appear in the suffrage opera comique "Melinda and her Sisters", will be acted by Marie Doro, it was announced yesterday, and Mrs. Belmont, Elsa Maxwell, the composer and an old-time friend of Miss Doro, and the little actress herself are all delighted. Miss Doro is enthusiastic. She has grown a suffragist in a rush.

"I did not know that suffrage meant all that", said Miss Doro yesterday, when she heard a reading of the libretto. "It appeals to the very highest and best there is in me. I love the part of Melinda."

Miss Maxwell is going to write a nice lilting lay especially for Miss Doro. Miss Doro, who recently married and is now Mrs. Elliott Dexter, is having a year with the movies before going back to the regular stage.

Boxes at the Waldorf, for the opera, are going like hot cakes at $125 per, and seats at $10 each, and the tickets are not yet printed. The programs for the opera are to be wonders of art and advertising. Jack Dalton, husband of Marie Dressler, has charge of the business part, and a real artist will look after the art part. The songs will be for sale and each will have on it the photograph of the young woman, professional or amateur, who sings it.

In the meantime Mrs. Belmont and Miss Maxwell cannot sleep nights because of telephone calls and telegraph messages from managers all over the country who want to get a chance to produce it. Mrs. Edward N. Breitung, Mrs. Hermann Oelrichs, and Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt, Jr., are among the people who have engaged the boxes.


Emmy Whelen, Marie's co-star

Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont's House

Marble Palace, Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont's House, Newport, Rhode Island

First Edition

The book of the play was published in 1916