Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star

Marie Doro was born Marie K. Steward in Duncannon, Pennsylvania on 25 May 1882 and died in New York on 9 October 1956. She was buried at Duncannon cemetery in the town of her birth.

She was a clasically trained actress, with an extensive knowledge of Shakespeare and Elizabethan poetry. Her professional stage career covered the twenty years 1901-1921, and she is listed as appearing in sixteen plays and musicals on Broadway in that period, including a stage version of "Oliver Twist", and Patience in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

She appeared in eighteen films between 1915 and 1924. Her first appearance was in "The Morals of Marcus" an adaptation of the stage version of the book by William J. Locke, which was first performed at the Criterion Theatre in November 1907, a Charles Frohman production.

She was strikingly attractive, and immensely popular.

She married Elliott Dexter, a vaudeville actor and co-star in several of her films, in 1915. They were divorced, and she never re-married.

She left the U.S.A. for Europe in 1919, made some films in Italy, returned to the U.S.A., and retired into private life in 1924, after making her final film, "Sally Bishop", in that year.

During her career in films, she was one of the highest paid actresses on the screen.

When she died in 1956, she had been long forgotten. But in her will she left $90,000 to the Actors' Benevolent Fund.





I first discovered Marie Doro about two years ago, when searching the Internet after re-discovering a long-neglected interest in silent film.

Information to be found was sparse, contradictory, and in some cases inaccurate. My curiosity was aroused, and, provoked by the magnificent fan-site created by Michael Cohen, I began to try to put together a biography.

I am grateful to the Kansas City Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri, who provided me with copies of press-cuttings relating to her early days.

I am putting this site together gradually, as time permits. The objective is to cover her personal life, her acting career, her films, and all related material.

Your help in adding to or correcting this site will be welcome. And your comments in the guest-book will be welcome also.  You can e-mail me any time with additions, ammendments or comments.