Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star

Listing of Productions from the Internet Broadway Database

 Production                                                                    Theater                           Year


The Billionaire                                                               Daly’s                             1902

The Girl from Kay’s                                                        Herald Square                1903

The Admirable Chrichton                                               Lyceum                          1903

Little Mary                                                                      Empire                           1904

Granny                                                                           Lyceum                          1904

Friquet                                                                           Savoy                             1905

Clarice                                                                           Garrick                           1906

The Morals of Marcus                                                    Criterion                         1907

The Richest Girl                                                             Criterion                         1909

Electricity                                                                       Lyceum                          1910

Oliver Twist                                                                    New Amsterdam            1912

Patience                                                                         Lyric                              1912

The New Secretary                                                         Lyceum                         1913

Diplomacy                                                                      Empire                           1914

Barbara                                                                          Plymouth                       1917

Lilies of the Field                                                           Klaw                               1921