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- Files added on: Jan 1, 2004

MarD's Requested Waypoint Pack 1


- Files added on: Dec 13, 2004

 PODbot MM Waypoints for DE_CPL_STRIKE

A nice new map to add to your waypoint collection.
NOTE: Since they're made with PODbot mm, if you use another bot, they might camp in weird directions....

- Files added on: Oct 25, 2004

E[POD]bot vIV

Here it is folks! get it!


- Files added on: Oct 2, 2004
E[POD]bot vIIIa - CS 1.6 Compatible

A big thanks goes out to Whistler, creator of YAPB, n' many other little mods for CS 1.6 compatiblity! 


- Files added on: Sept 13, 2004

MarD's VC Bodyguard Mod v3.0

Here it is! My high-coveted VC Bodyguard Mod v3.0 with properly working Biker Bodyguard! 


- Files added on: Sept 7, 2004

AS_Highrise waypoints for PODbot v2.6mm

Here you go sPlOrYgOn! Enjoy my work! btw, I enjoy your work, n' tell the soulfather his new waypoint system is very interesting. I like. 


- Files added on: Sept 2, 2004

MarD's GTA3 Multi Mod v3.8 WIP

Har har har, yes, the WIP is released! It's pretty fun with some of the new upgrades I made to it, more to come later. 


- Files added on: June 28, 2004

DE_Wallmart Waypoints

Here's my DE_Wallmart waypoints. I made them cause many people seemed to really like the map, and I've done it before, but like much of my ol' waypinting jobs, I never backed them up whenever I reformatted. 


- Files added on: June 21, 2004

MarD's VC Bodyguard Mod v1.0 Source (Taken down, if you want it, E-mail me, my e-mail's in the Contact secion)

Ah yes, the source file of my 1st bodyguard mod attempt on VC 


- Files added on: May 28, 2004
CS_Rats2 Waypoints

Waypoints for good ol' CS_Rats2, lol, watch out, bots tend to fall to their deaths a lot. 


- Files added on: May 21, 2004

Updated DE_Storm Waypoints

Now here's a good map, that needed the waypoint update bad. 


- Files added on: May 12, 2004

DE_Rats waypoints

Waypoints for the fun DE_Rats... warning: a lot of messed up bot movement... like... CT's having the hardest time to get out of fridge, and bots falling off ledges... lots of bots falling off ledges. 


- Files added on: March 22, 2004

AIM_ak-colt waypoints

Waypoints for the AIM_ak-colt map, done in Ivpbot for CS 1.6


- Files added on: March 22, 2004
E[POD]bot v.III

Tha's right, I'm an official E[POD]bot mirror all is well. 

- Files added on: March 21, 2004

Updated AS_Riverside waypoints

I fixed up a small pathwaypoint error, and waypointed the part with the wooden barrier, props go to >BKA< T Wreck for pointin' them out to me. 


- Files added on: March 21, 2004

New DE_Aztec waypoints for CS v1.6

Waypoints updated for the updated de_aztec map for CS v1.6


- Files added on: November 28, 2003

MarD's VC Bodyguard mod v1.9b (Taken down, if you want it, E-mail me, my e-mail's in the Contact secion)

Yes! the beta to me long - awaited bodyguards for VC!  You're in awe, I know it... you're expressing it only on the inside though... lol...


- Files added on: November 28, 2003

De_Inferno updated waypoints

I updated these for the newer version of De_Inferno. Mainly because they moved that 1 bombsite. 


- Files added on: November 13, 2003

The Official E[POD]bot Waypointpack 1

Finally, the pack's done. But I accidentally deleted 2 of the waypoints... so there's only 38, a small update on the way. I jus need LightNinja to send them back (hopefully he has a copy of them eh?)


- Files added on: Sept 16, 2003

De_Dust2 fixed waypoints
DE_Vertigo fixed waypoints

Hea's me newest n' best waypoints for DE_Dust2. I fixed them up cause they diddn't work good before.

Plus, the 2nd one's me DE_Vertigo fixed waypoints.

- Files added on: August 19, 2003

MarD's E[PODbot] Waypoints set 1
MarD's E[PODbot] Waypoints set 2

Me waypoints for Counter - Strike's E[PODbot] (will work on norm PODbot, not sure aboot POXbot though...) Has over 61 high quality waypoints (most done from scratch, if ya wanna know some of the orig waypointers, get E[PODbot]. Most of the bots names are waypointers (like mine in thea :p ).

Made usin' CS v1.5 retail, n' E[PODbot] v2a wit the epb v2-update.

- Files added on: August 18, 2003

MarD's VC Bodyguard Mod v1.0

Me 1st Vice City mod: me bodyguard mod for Vice City, complete wit insane BF Injection Gunner. :)

- Files added on: August 16, 2003

MarD's Multi Mod v3.0

Me Multi Mod, version 3.0, wit even more kickass changes :)


MarD's Multi Mod v2.0

Ahh, me 1st attempt at moddin' GTA3, wow, this hea's like +40 hrs of tryin' to figure out stuff :p


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