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Welcome to the reviews page!

Aim of this page is to give you the opportunity to send in your reviews (Good or bad) and to help us ensure that everyone is having a great time at our events!

If you have a review then please send it to

All reviews recieved will be published on this page 


Review for 11/08/06

The latest soul night at the Manifesto (August 11th) saw the connoisseurs of club soul out in good numbers. For good soul music people are prepared to travel, lots of new faces, and visitors from the north east, Halifax, and all over North.

The policy of  a guest DJ every month works really well, couple this with Pete and Av’s new sounds and lesser played oldies alongside the Manifesto favourites, the music is always fresh.

This month saw the return of “The Don” Mr Don Kitchen,  a brilliant mix of sounds, with some of his new plays receiving plenty of appreciation and stomping feet.

You filled the floor Don, and got more applause than Paris Hilton jumping out of Barry’s birthday cake last year (he wishes!).

If you haven’t been down, get along, you are not guaranteed to get Paris Hilton jumping out of a huge cake…but you are guaranteed the best in across the board Northern soul.


Keep smiling and keep the faith, Deano and Baz.

Review for 12/05/06

The place was rocking, it was almost shocking!

The locals were out in force, the girls from “up north” were giving out a few dancing lessons to the boys!…and young Alex “Soul Boy” Simms danced rings around us all, but don’t be downhearted any fellow wrinkly soul fans, when we in our teens, seats were only for putting a nighter bag on weren’t they!.

Mr and Mrs Soul( aka Pete n Av ) danced us all to the verge of a visit to casualty as usual, Gibbo did a great first night spot at the Manifesto…he spins em like he dances, absolute quality!

Hope you make it to the next bash, keep the faith. Deano and Baz.

Thanks to Alex Soul Boy Simms for great review (14/04/06)

hello every body alex the soul boy simms here
The manifesto soul club is great place, great music and of course very nice
The djs all played great spots to be telling the truth i never left the
dance floor.
All of the music which was played was across the board so they was something
for everybody
and they also try and play all of the requests so it make every one happy.
so then to sum up this report it is a great place to go, large dance floor,
bar and very very nice people, And also a great web site. i will be coming
next time, that is if i get permission from my mum because she does not like
                                                  Alex the soul boy simms

Thanks to Paul for starting us off! (14/10/05)

October 14th-2005 saw the gathering for the Manifesto soul club third anniversary.

The regular Manifesto soul clubs connoisseurs and many new faces were in attendance to hear Pete and Little Av weave together their beautiful mix of heart breakers, stompers, and mid tempo smoothies...with the perfect sprinkling of R&B and modern tunes.

Guest DJ Ray North managed to leave the dance floor long enough to do an equally brilliant spot and, continued to dance whilst his own sounds were on the decks.

Not easy, but this mans feet are as good as his tunes!

The floor was full, the atmosphere was terrific, a fantastic night!

The only bad news is that if you weren’t there, you have to wait a WHOLE YEAR until the next anniversary night.

The good news is that the next soul night is on Friday 11th November 2005!

People come from all over to this great event, if you haven’t been already, check it out.


Keep the faith boys and girls!

Deano. Harrogate soulster.


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