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Mangaweka Fakes & Forgeries 2017 Celebrating 10 Scurrilous Years !!

Over $555+ in pool & other Arty PRIZES!! 

Yes believe it or not it is 10 years since 2007, when TV One's 'Close-up' programme (remember that?) and National Radio rolled into Mangaweka to interview the World Famous 'Goldie' (AKA Karl Sim) and kick off this iconic two yearly event ! Since then the event has 'forged' ahead and there have been literally hundreds of fantastic artworks entered and displayed into the Fakes & Forgeries competition, and some great prizes taken away by the winners. And now again in 2017, this is your chance to show off your interpretation of a famous Artwork regardless of any artistic 'fame' yourself, clever ideas being as valued as technique. On the day there will also be other activities and attractions* (listed below) including 'Irene's Christmas Fayre' a market themed extravaganza of Xmas presents, crafts, food, and curios (for early bird $15 stalls, contact Irene on (06) 382 5886 or e-mail : So come on and join in the fun, simply scroll down beyond the poster for list of prizes, 'rules of entry' and the actual entry form so you can get started on your 'scurrilous' artworks! * Other events/activities on the day. Mega Book Fair and Mexican themed 'Day of the Dead' Art Exhibition, on the old historic main street of Broadway. 'Man-Burgers' and delicious Coffee served all day from Papa Cliff cafe. Classic Cars, Buskers, etc all invited, and welcome to pre-register or turn up on the day. (more info to come!) Many Thanks! .........




Mangaweka Fakes & Forgeries 2017  :  Categories & Prizes

1) Adults = 1st 'Top F & F' $400 : Runner-up $100 : 3rd $55 - Cash Prizes!

2) 16 & under/Student = 1st : Runner up : & 3rd - Canvases & Art Materials Prizes

3) Collective School Category = Canvases & Art Materials. Sponsors Sought!

(This is a special category for Schools - conditions apply - Sponsors still most welcomed for Prizes - Please make contact )

4) ‘People’s Choice Award’ - All Categories - Vote During Exhibition = $25 Voucher


Exhibition entries displayed at Mangaweka’s ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery, SH1.

OPENS From Sat 4th Nov 2017 - Entries CLOSE Mon 30th October 2017


Guide Lines, Conditions, and Rules of Entry Below - Please read and observe carefully - Thanks


1.  This Exhibition is a Fun Event, open to ANY beginner or professional Artists to emulate their favourite piece of Art !

2.  Absolutely NO works that are totally original ! Works can be identical Replicas, Copies with a Twist, ‘Inspired-By’

.    OR be ‘in the style of’ a previous well known Artist, Painting or Artwork. Ideas as worthy as fine technique. Be creative!

3.  Works entered must have been created in the last 22 months, & be signed by the Artist entering the work.

4.  Paintings, Photography, Ceramics, Prints, Woven, Knitted, Carved or what-ever ! Use your imagination !

5.  Max size/area 1.2m sq for hung work (any instillation works must be portable by one person - please contact first).

6.  All works entered (except Collective Schools) MUST be Priced & For Sale with a MAXIMUM sale price of NZ$1500

.   ( If you are serious about a sale, try be realistic with your pricing. Most works that sell are in the ‘up to $500’ range ).

.   Price listed will include a 33.3% commission (inc GST) ie; The entering artist receives 66.6% of sale price. Thanks.

7.  All wall mounted works must be strung and ready to hang, with any paint or varnish being totally DRY! Thanks.

8.  All works must be CLEARLY labelled, in this order with; 1) Entering Artists Name; 2) Contact Info (address & number); 3)

     Title of Work; 4) Inspired By; 5) Medium; 6) Aprox Size; and 7) Sale Price. This label must be attached to

.    the work by string or fishing line, so it can hang over the top for easy identification when hanging.

9.  Once entry form has been submitted & data entered in our system, sorry but NO further alterations, Thanks.

10. While extreme care is taken, it is the responsibility of the artist to insure their work during exhibition & transit.

11. Entry Fees; Adults - $20 first piece, $15 a second, and $10 for a third* - 16 year & under/Student - $5 first piece,

.     $4 a second, and $3 for a third*. *Maximum of 3 Entries Total per individual entering Artist, in all or any categories.

12. Payment. Make cheques to; Richard Aslett. Cash payment on site. Internet bank on request. No Credit Card facility.

13. Each entry form must be for works by same entrant with full total amount paid in one single operation.

14. Entry forms alone (including any entry fees) can be sent anytime from now - with work sent/delivered later.

15. Courier Delivery of Works (including entry forms & full payment) anytime from the 23rd to the 30th October 2017.

.     Works can be personally delivered to the Gallery from 1st October 2017, yet can ONLY be accepted on weekends

.     (please phone in advance to guarantee). Final closing date is at 5pm Monday 30th Oct 2017. Courier / Deliver to;

.      Fakes & Forgeries, Mangaweka “Yellow Church” Gallery, 6360 SH1 (PO Box 56), Rangitikei, 4746.

16. Entry is on condition that any works can be photographed for a possible catalogue/book/future promotions.

17. We aim to exhibit all works entered, unless overtly original, offensive, or not complying with guide lines & rules.

18. The Judging panel will consist of Richard Aslett, plus two other ‘Special Guest’ Artists (tbc). The Judging panel’s decision is 

       final with no correspondence entered into, and no refunds. Adult cash and other prizes, as above.

19. All works to remain on display for full duration of the Exhibition from Sat 4th Nov 2017 to Sun the 14th Jan 2018

20. Any works entered may also be displayed and listed, at any time, on-line for sale, at the price listed on the entry form.

21. All works not sold, must be uplifted on weekends within two weeks of close ie; by 5pm Sun 28th Jan 2018.

.     Late collection of work (without prior arrangement) will incur a storage and retrieval fee of $5 per week or part thereof.

      Works not collected by the end of February 2018 will be disposed by whatever means to create space and cover storage costs.

22. Entry to exhibition confirms acceptance of above rules in their entirety. Have Fun and Get Started NOW! Thanks !!


Collective Schools wishing to enter should contact the organisers - Sponsors for Prizes in this Section most welcome.

ENTRY FORM BELOW : Simply Right Click, then SAVE as a jpeg, and print onto an A4 sheet. Any issues e-mail and we will send out a separate file. Thanks

* Feel Free to Photocopy this entry form and distribute to any Arts or Crafts Groups & other creative Individuals - Thanks


 SEE OUR OTHER PAGES ON THIS WEB-SITE  :  Richard Aslett on NZ Got Talent   and   ENZIGN 'a new Flag for New Zealand?'