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Shuriken- A ninja throwing star

A shuriken can have anywhere from three to around 10 sharp points. These are thrown normally to distract instead of kill.(Luis)


This is the second and last ninja weapon. It was very commonly used as a main weapon.(Luis)

Double Edge Sword

The choice of the knight.His weapon of honor,his sword,his horse and his king were most important. This sword while the most common European blade, is the most dangerous weapon for both the user and enemy.Since it is double edged it can be pushed back into the user.When using it in manga/drawings only use it for master warriors or with trainees with masters watching.In dangerous battles,use katana. (Ryan)

Another Shuriken

 I Just Put Another One Because I Thought This One Looked Cool :)

 5 Point Serrated Surgical Steel Krull Star(Nick C)


This the Katana, the samurai's weapon. It's more precise and, in my opinion, CLer then a double edged sword. The samurai used it to protect and serve the people(Samurai means to serve.) Also since it's manga it means ninja can use it for surpise attacks.If you want you can even use it fo elemently control. My suggestion is to use fire,wind,and water.It precise cuts are perfect for wind and water,and everyone knows that fie swords PWN! (Ryan)


These needles are very deadly,if you hit the spot.These are precise weapons,they hit a pressure point they are more dangerous then a gun,but if they miss they are a scape.(Ryan)


These are just spikes to slow people down.(Ryan)

The Scythe

The Scythe was first used as a mowing and plowing tool. Now it is seen as the weapon as the Grim Reaper. I like the weapon personally, because of it's deadliness and lenth. In my future manga I have an alchmist with a scythe. It can also have hidden weapons coughcough*hint*coughcough like mine which has a miny scythe on a chain, a posin point, and extra ends activated by  different buttons.(Ryan)

Flame Thrower

The flamethrowe is a weapon of mass choas. It's been around for a while, so try to make the idea for your's fresh.The flame thrower is a high-tec weapon,so don't put it in a ancient Japan manga, or your be in for either A- ALOT of explaining or B- people will call you a (censored) moron.