Twilight For Boys && Girls

Cast of Twilight, the Movie!

AHH!!! TWILIGHT POSTER!! ITS OFFICIAL!!! AHH!! Just had to annoucne that :] okay the cast is...

(This is the only people who mattered, really. Jacob doesn't matter, but he does later, so...)

(I added thing's to help you understand some stuff...)

Robert Pattison is Edward Cullen

Kristen Stewart is Isabella Swan (call her Bella)

Billy Burke is Charlie Swan

Ashley Greene is Alice Cullen

Nikki Reed is Rosaile Cullen--she need's blonde hair, but that's her...

Jackson Rathbone is Jasper Cullen--same as Nikki, need's blonde.

Kellan Lutz is Emmett Cullen

Peter Facinelli is Calisle Cullen--ugh, are all the supposedly blonde characters brunnetts? Oh, my bad, he has black hair. Big woop.

Elizabeth Reaser is Esme Cullen

Taylor Lautner is Jacob Black (bobo-retard. geuss who I'm rooting for?)

Sarah Clarke is Renee Swan (whats her new last name?)

Cam Gigandet is James

Edi Gathegi is Laurent

Rachelle Lefevre is Victoria

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