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   Jim Williams    










MAD not MAD sc 

 End of season/xmas bash                              

Fri Dec 12th 2008


Raffle prizes :-)



UPDATES 17/09/07

 photo album , reflections of yesterday




Kettering, Northamptonshire. 


We are a small club , that welcomes new members, members are slowly growing   YOU dont have to like Madness to join us , thats just the webmasters obsession !!!, we welcome any music tastes, any age groups and any  kind of scooters,

no No 1's or subs etc,etc, just scootering fun,  we are a rally going club ,  just points for prize's.....meeting place WILL BE UP THE POPPIES CLUB  (Kettering town fc rockingham rd, next to rock and bowl)        on FRIDAY nights from 8.00pm..... if something else on  in there we go next door to Thunderbowl ...ok


  and have a look round                                                                          






WELL done 3 scooters and 9 members where at the ride-out,at the Warren , Amanda, Charlotte, Colin and  James (scoot), Darren Moore  (scoot), Gary and Adelle (scoot), stan and trisha

 plus Colin , Amanda, Charlotte, , Stan and Trisha plus  Darren Moore, made the night doo  good turn out guys well done MnMsc









Club Patch 2007

Club patch for this year is only £2.50 each    get yours now   contact Colin 07717266417   




7 members made it to see Neville Staples Sat night well done  

Darren Moore ,    Jason Skin  ,  Jason Foley  ,Stan ,  Amanda ,  Colin ,Phil Smith.


The crazy gang 'how we started'

Mad not Mad sc was formed through our 'LOVE' of MaDnEsS ,scooters,and Kettering.

You don't have to be MAD to join us But it helps!





Club T-shirts

Club shirts now available  gets yours now ,'fly the flag'

just club logo on front   Adult: £9.99

                                        Child: £8.99     

Club shirts with writing on the back   Adult:  £13.99



contact Colin with your orders   Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! = adult £13.99 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! = child £12.99

please state size .....

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE T-SHIRT COMPANY  5 Odean Buildings, Rockingham Rd,Corby. Phone:- 01536 406400 ,Mobile :- 07811863595   , E-mail :- the.ntc@tiscali.co.uk

or go my shop:-     http://www.spreadshirt.net/shop.php?sid=115110









Hi if you have  enjoyed our website , would you like to help fund the running of this site and our club , all donations gratefully excepted Thank you.

from    MAD not MAD sc    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! press here!Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!



 click on the link above or below or both, to register a vote for our site, thanks  please vote every time you come on here as they set the scores to zero every week ... MnMsc




dance with the madmen




how many!!!!


Special thanks to :-   SKINHEADRUDEBOY   for help with some Madness artwork on this site,  plus the  logo below ...cheers MnMsc








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