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How Busy I Am

Some years ago, realizing I had to battle depression, I asked God to keep me busy. God answers prayer!

In December of 2003, I lost two web sites. One was my somewhat famous Bro. Pete's Oasis of Hope at Geocities (Yahoo). Yahoo! never gave me the exact reason why they took the site down. They said I had violated the TOS (Terms Of Service) or the spirit of the TOS, but never said how. Sure, it was a free site, but even if you are as big Yahoo!, common decency and respect would provide a real explanation as to why a site is taken down. Maybe it was just too Christian?

The other site was the old Macinta Ministries site at Virtual Avenue, which gave folks a Christmas gift: get paid hosting by them or lose your site. Oh well, just keep me busy!

I re-did those sites in January 2004. has a nice set up, and I really do appreciate finding a home here. Freewebs has a nice file manager, and plenty space, even for the free pages. All they want is to run a strip across your page advertising for them. They have sense enough not to occlude any message you have.

Every February to the end of March I wrestle with doing taxes for the family. I really don't mind paying taxes, it's the rules that can really rack a brain.

In the midst of all this, I still pastor, minister, and be a Grandpa.

On December 11, 2006, I was terminated as an employee of Independent News Papers Incorporated. The official reason was "without cause" however, it is my opinion it was somewhat because of a Christian stance I took. So, I have reactivated a self-employment endeavor I began in 2003 named Ascension Blue Enterprises and Services (ABES). Please see my resume regarding writing and editing.

As Pastor of Cornerstone Assembly (Independent Pentecostal) in Cambridge, MD, I am guiding the congregation in developing a constitution and by-laws.

So, whenever I can, I will be back here updating this site with more info.

God bless
Pastor Pete Macinta

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