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**Note we are waiting on a new book to come this fall of 2017.
After Heidegger?
By Gregory Fried (Editor), Richard Polt (Editor).
Rowman & Littlefield International (November 16, 2017).
ISBN-13: 978-1786604866. 432 pages of articles.
Please consider. Heidegger thought he was after Hegel, so enhance the mystery of after Heidegger.  Please read the book and let us know.  Ok, Heidegger did say in terms of thought there is no before and after thinkers.  There is no progression. Heidegger often sounded like he was after Hegel.

“9. Objection to the book: I have even today still not enough enemies—it has not brought me a Great enemy.” (Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks, page 8). Martin Heidegger.

“People are waiting for the second volume of Being and Time; I am waiting for this waiting to cease and for people to finally confront the first volume.
(Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks, page 135). Martin Heidegger.


Tell me which thinker you have chosen as an “opponent” and how you

have chosen that one, and I will tell you how far you yourself have entered into the domain of thinking.”(Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks, page 275). Martin Heidegger.


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Index Projects.

Ferrer, D. F. (2016). Heidegger Schwarze Hefte (1931-1948): An Index

Ferrer, D.F., & Sharma, Ritu (2016). Heidegger Being and Time, Sein und Zeit (1927): An Index

Ferrer, D. F. (2016).  Martin Heidegger Esoteric Writings: An Index

Ferrer, D.F. (2016). Martin Heidegger on the Greeks: An Index.

Ferrer, D. F. (2016). Martin Heidegger 1910-1932: An Index.

Ferrer, D.F. (2016). Heidegger Überlegungen XII-XV (GA96): An Index.


Ferrer, D.F. Name Index for:  Martin Heidegger's
Contributions to philosophy (from enowning) (1936-1938)
Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis) 

Volume 65 of Gesamtausgabe (GA)

Ferrer, D.F. Ism-logy Index for:  Martin Heidegger's 
Contributions to philosophy (from enowning) (1936-1938)
Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis

 Volume 65 of Gesamtausgabe (GA)


Martin Heidegger. Recent books in German.
GA 80.1 Vorträge Teil 1: 1915-1932, ed.  Günther Neumann 2016. 526p. 13 texts.
GA 73. Zum Ereignis-Denken, ed. P. Trawny, 2013, 1496p.
GA 84. Seminare: Leibniz - Kant - Schiller, ed. G. Neumann, 2013, 894p.
GA 94. Überlegungen II-VI (Schwarze Hefte 1931-1938), ed. P. Trawny, 2014, 536p.
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P. Trawny, 2014, 286p.
GA 97. Anmerkungen I-V (Schwarze Hefte 1942-1948), ed, Peter Trawny 2015, 528p.
See http:/   Collection writings in German Heidegger Gesamtausgabe

Selected Martin Heidegger books translated into English:

Correspondence 1949-1975.

Between Martin Heidegger and Ernst Jünger

London: Rowman & Littlefield International, 2016


Beginning of Western Philosophy Interpretation of Anaximander and Parmenides (GA 35).  Translated by Richard Rojcewicz, Indiana University Press, 2015.

Nature History State
 1933-1934 (GA 66).
Translated and edited by Gregory Fried and Richard Polt, Bloomsbury, 2015.

Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks 1931-1938 (Studies in Continental Thought), May 2016.

Introduction to Philosophy Thinking and Poetizing
(Studies in Continental Thought), 2016.

Interpretation of Nietzsche's Second Untimely Meditation (Studies in Continental Thought), 2016.

The History of Beyng (Studies in Continental Thought), 2015.

On Hegel's Philosophy of Right: The 1934-35 Seminar and Interpretive Essays (Bloomsbury, 2014). Translated by Andrew J. Mitchell.

Basic outline of the known Heidegger notebooks.

There are 34 or 36 notebooks from 1931 to 1976.
Reflections or Ponderings (Überlegungen) [14 books] 1931 and 1941. All published.
Observations (Anmerkungen), [9 books]. One group published so far.

===Still to come:
Observations (Anmerkungen); eight notebooks. (98 Anmerkungen VI-IX,?)
Four Notebooks (Vier Hefte); two actual notebooks.
Two Vigils (Vigilae); two notebooks.
Nocturne (Notturno); one notebook.
Hints (Winke); two notebooks.
Provisionals (Vorläufiges); four notebooks.
Megiston and Fundamental Words (Grundworte); two notebooks.

So, as you can see many of these notebooks have yet to be published in German as October 2016. Stay tuned. Lots of open questions.

Peter Trawny the editor makes a note about the total number of Martin Heidegger’s notebooks as being 34 or 36 (written from 1931-1976).
„Uns liegen vierunddreißig »Schwarze Hefte« vor: vierzehn Hefte
mit dem Titel »Überlegungen«, neun »Anmerkungen«, zwei
»Vier Hefte«, zwei »Vigilae«, ein »Notturno«, zwei »Winke«, vier
»Vorläufiges«. Daneben haben sich zwei weitere Hefte mit den Titeln »Megiston« und »Grundworte« gefunden. Ob und wie sie zu den »Schwarzen Fleften« gehören, muß noch geklärt werden. Die Bände 94 bis 102 der Gesamtausgabe werden in den nächsten Jahren die vierunddreißig zuerst genannten Handschriften enthalten.Die Entstehung der Hefte umfaßt einen Zeitraum von mehr als vierzig Jahren.”  Nachwort des Herausgebers, GA 94, page 531.

Heidegger Speaks. Part 1. English subtitled (by Markus Semm)

Online and free downloads:
Trialogue between Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Nagarjuna in Todtnauberg.
By Daniel Fidel Ferrer.

Martin Heidegger thought that Nietzsche proper (die eigentliche Philosophie) philosophy
was in the unpublished (Nachlass) writings and not in Nietzsche’s published works.
“Nietzsche in the works which he saw published. ...
a final form and was not itself published in any book, neither in the decade between 
1879 and 1889 nor during the years preceding. ...
His philosophy proper was left behind as posthumous, unpublished work.” (MH).

Nietzsche's Notebook of 1887-1888. By Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).
Translator: Daniel Fidel Ferrer.

Nietzsche's Last Notebooks 1888. By Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).
Translator: Daniel Fidel Ferrer.

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