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The Lost Ones

My tribute to little dogs we've known and lost........



I've lost a friend I didn't know

The message came today

Propelled through wires at speed of light

From near or far away.


He left behind a family

And friends to mourn his death

She left behind a wall of tears

As she breathed her last breath.


Computer networks span the globe

And contact now is found

With folks that we may never see

But feel with touch profound.


The dots of light on screen of glass

Shape words of joy or pain

We teach and learn and share our lives

And blessing deep we gain.


So now I sit with sniffling nose

And tears flow down my face

I share a loss and try to find

Pure words of peace and grace.


A dog has died, but more than that

A precious life has passed

We take them in, they bless our lives

Then leave us much too fast.


Please grant us peace and memories long

Our shortlived friends to keep

In stories, images and thoughts

To calm us as we weep.


Now, lightning's brother, speed my words

Through fibres, disks and such

May cold computer magically turn

To caring human touch.


Bob Stewart-24/2/98/



Sweet little Angel came into rescue and Kim tried to save her but had to let her go. She was already blind and had been badly mistreated.....such a sad little life. She wasn't even afforded the courtesy of being named do we named her at the Terrier Club and will never forget her.

Wally-Desert Angel-aged 6

Dear Wally and Buddy, his dad, were both dumped in the desert !! Can you believe that....thankfully Buddy was located in time, but it was too late for sweet Wally, who'd never done any harm. Read their story here...


Zoey was sadly lost in an accident on her way to greet friends....she went far too early and is greatly missed and fondly remembered by Mary.

Tasha-August 4th 1989-July 7th 2002

Our dearest friend, Tasha the Seawesty July 7th, 2002. She had been very ill, and her parents had done everything possible for her. She died peacefully in her mum's arms, and no doubt raced off to meet Misty, her sister, who went ahead last year.

Maggy Mae-February 2001-November 2002

Dear little Maggy took a great roadtrip to a forever home but was sadly taken far too young after a bad very tragic, but thanks to Pam and all her family she knew what love was.

Nick-January 2001-21st December 2002

Dear little Nick and his mum Kay had recently "got married" and found a great new home...when Kay got engaged Nick was engaged too as he was part of the package and her special wee buddy. Sadly he was killed in a car accident doing what he loved best-running like the wind. We were devastated on the Terrier Club....

Fergie-June 1987-May 2003

Dear Fergie, Robyn's Dark Angel died in her family's arms. She was 16 and had lived a life full of much love. She is very sadly missed by her Terrier Club family too.

Little Grem-August 1990-May 2003

Dear little Grem died after her mum made the brave decision not to revive after several tumours were found when she was ill. She was such a well-loved little girl and is sorely, sorely missed.....

Ms.Taffy-October 1989-May,2003

Dear Ms.Taffy lost her valiant fight yesterday....she had been very ill and her mum Carolyn had done everything she possibly could for her. She'll be sadly missed. She was the Terrier Club matriarch....surprisingly, this was a photo taken just this year and one of my favourites...what Westie spirit she had.

Noodles-October 1992-October 2003

Dear Noodles died suddenly of a throat tumour nobody knew she had....a very much adored little dog that was rescued by Carol. Lived out her days in bliss and was a member of the much-loved Petey and the Petey-Ettes.

Rusty-December 16th, 2003.

Anouschka's little girl died last night in her arms. She was almost 14 years old and was very much adored and will be very, very sorely missed indeed.

Sara-Died March 7th 2004

Dear Sara died with her mum nearby of heart failure. She was a wee rescue and was very much loved in her last few years and will be sorely missed by her Theo and brother Casey, and all the Terrier Club.

Jo-Jo 1991-16th April 2004

Dear Jo-Jo was suddenly taken ill and recently died. He was the Minkies' oldest friend and they had such happy times all together frolicking around in their younger years. He is extremely missed by his mum Edie.

Maxwell Alexander-January 2004-May 2004

One much-adored little boy sadly died in a tragic accident. Will be so terribly missed by his mum Tracey and all his family.

Babe-November 1989-July 2004

Sweet Babe was sent off to the Bridge this morning by her very, very sad mum..She wasn't very well at all. She had a long and loving life and was one of The Terrier Club "oldies" and we miss her.

WooWoo-Born November 1992. Died August 2004.

Dear WooWoo was Cindi's special boy for many years and a good Terrier Club friend and will be missed by us all.

Eric-November 1987 till November 2004

Dear Eric lived upon the moors and had the splendid life of an English Country Gent. A much adored wee dog all his life. Sadly missed by his sisters and Annie and Peter.

BFH-Bobby From Holland-3/6/98-5/6/05

Dear BFH is lost to our Terrier Club and his family Dino and Els. He was sick and died suddenly and we'll all really miss him there and never forget our friend of so many years.

Mindy-May 1992-June 2005

Dear Mindy was a real trooper but was very ill recently so her mum Pam and Dad Steve bid her farewell with breaking hearts....

Heidi-December 1992-June 2005

Dear Heidi left her family's lives on June 25th. She was a much-adored little dog and they tried so hard to save her. She'll be dreadfully missed. (I loved this bad hair day photo of her taken recently).


Dear little Patti, Carrie's wee Westie angel, died this morning. She was a beautiful little girl and had real Westie spirit....


Dear Toby was a very special little friend of ours for many years. We'll miss him loads as will his John and Irene....this photo was him waiting for his mum and one of my favourites.


Dear Haylee was a new friend and when her mum Kim rescued her she was pretty sick, though she loved life and never let it slow her down. A sweet little dog full of fun. Kim tried so hard to save her and will miss her so.

Fred-July 1991-May 26th 2006

Dear little Fred got his wings today....he was a sweet and adored wee boy and sadly missed by Lisa, Charlie and brother Simon. Now with his "Dark Angel".....

Sir Cedric of Ulster-May 23rd 2006

Sir Cedric left his brother Casey and mum Theo and bravely went ahead.....he'd been such a trooper through his hospital visits and testings-he amazed us all.


Shasta, "The Woogie" was such a dear little character. We will really miss this little face on the Terrier Club. Her mum Betty gave her her home and her heart as an older doggie and she had a wonderful time with her and the Oregon Girlies.


Dear Maxie was only in a super home for less than 2 years which is tragic, as he deserved to be loved all his days. Marie packed plenty into the short time they had together, though. He's sadly missed by her and Regie and Enya, Kellie and Mishy, his sisters, too...


Dear Mulligan sadly died May 18th, 2007. He had a rare condition and his Janie and TW did everything in their power to ensure he was comfortable and adored. We're so sorry he didn't make it through.

Marin-22/3/98 - 2/6/07

Dear Marin left her mum Emi and little sister Hanna behind today.....she taught Emi what love was and made her grow as a person and I know she'll be so sorely missed.

Homeless 4/7/90-26/7/07

Rose's dear little Homeless left for the bridge today......what a smashing little dog he was. He lived to a grand old age and after being rescued was much adored as he deserved to be.


Toby belonged to a visitor here called John Spiegel who penned this lovely tribute for him. He lived to the grand old age of 14.

Lady-Aged 18

Dear Lady made it to the ripe age of 18-what a girl !! Carolyn and her family will sorely miss their dear old girl...


Dear little Scruffy went peacefully at home surrounded by love aged 15. He'd had a long illness and had borne it well like the sweet little trouper he was. Very sadly missed and now reunited with his friend Fergie.

Booker 28/5/92-5/3/08

Dear Booker has gone after a short illness....he leaves behind his special friend Hobie the cat and of course his heartbroken mum Sue. Booker was the sweetest-natured little guy and always shared his bed with friends and foster doggies alike. We have a lot of wonderful memories of this special little Westie.

Hattie December 1997-March 2008

Dear Hattie was a rescue girl and lived in Indiana. Such a sweet little soul. She had a short illness and has now earnt her wings......

Toby Dog-1/1/93-31/3/08

Dear Toby's mum Nancy selflessly let him go after a long and happy life and when the time had come at the end of a long battle with Cushing's. He's going to be terribly missed by Nancy, her mum and little Westie brother Jasper.


Dear little Enya died today......what a well-loved little soul she was. Her grand age speaks for itself. Each time this wee girl was unwell she fooled us all and rallied once more. Her mum Marie will sorely miss her eldest little doggie but as usual she did right by her and let her go free.....

Towser-June 19th 2008

Dear little Towser was saved by Janie and TW only 8 short months ago. He needed them so much and helped their hearts heal after Mulligan's loss. Such a lovely little foxy-faced boy he was and only needed lots of love. They took him in and took super care of him and sadly lost him when he was found to have cancer of the liver.

Jesse James-24/10/97-3/7/08

Dear Jesse has gone....he had an inoperable tumour which affected him quickly.....such a darling little fella' and Sarah and Matt will miss their little bandit so much as will all his friends and sister Isabella.....

Cousin Piper-4/12/00 - 20/8/08

Piper was Ruby Tuesday's and Jack The Lad's Westie cousin and lived in Canada. We got to share many delightful holidays with them all together. He had been ill for some time but you'd never have known ! A wee spirited Westie sadly missed by Pat and Bernie. 

McTavish McCall-16/2/94-6/10/08

Never was a little Westie more loved and now more missed than little Moo. He was a real little fighter and managed to survive chemotherapy and recover only for the dreaded sickness to return. We'd all hoped he'd live a lot longer and enjoy a healthy retirement. He's left behind a broken hearted Peggy and Darrell and his Westie siblings Haggis and Sugar.

Eddie-25/4/02 to 13/7/09

Dear little Eddie "The Chow" just passed after an unknown illness. Tracey's done so much to try and save him and learn what ailed him but nobody could find out in time what it was which is just tragic-he was far too young.

Elliot-22/11/01 to 13/7/09

Dear "Captain" Elliot has gone.......another little Westie face that was taken far too young. This photo illustrates just what a happy and joyful little dog he was..

MacDougal 4/9/93-28/8/09

Sweet MacDougal sadly suffered a massive stroke and has gone just before his 16th birthday. He was obviously well loved and well looked after and will be much missed by Rebecca and Larry

Smookie-Saved February 2008-20/9/09

Dear Smookie..MostlyWesties' International Rescue boy sadly passed away last night....Robyn "found" him and Linda took him in and loved him as he'd always deserved to be loved and took the best care of him and all his issues. He was our special poster boy and will always be missed and remembered with a lot of love.


Dear Gracie was a true Golden Girl....adored by her wee Westie sisters Belle, Olivia and Treasure and mum Debbie. She'd been unwell for some time but showed us all what a true fighter she was and how much she wanted to stay. She'll be much missed but now reunited with her little sister Sophie.

Angel 27/3/00-27/1/10

Dear Angel "McGee" was almost 10 but she had a nasty bladder tumour which in turn meant her kidneys failed and sadly she passed in her sleep. She leaves behind her siblings Rolls, Lenny and Charlie who will be lost without their girl and of course her mum Char...

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