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Sparky's Page

This is my Sparky's own page....I wanted a Westie for years and got her in 1993 so we've been together a long time....I adore this little dog !! She was born May 8th in '93. Sadly I had to let her go on March 31st 2010 and it's the most awful thing I've ever lived through. I did right by her but miss her so very, very much.

"If I'd've known the way that this would end-If I'd've read the last page first, If I'd've had the strength to walk away-If I'd've known how this would hurt I would've loved you anyway-I'd do it all the same- Not a second I would change-Not a touch that I would trade-Had I known my heart would break I'd've loved you anyway ....."


Pondering life

My favourite-aged 17 months

In black 'n' white

A dear tufty face

Hmmmmm, wonder what I can have for tea ?

Her brickworked photo !

Her blue picture

Just off to find my pals

The sun shining on the righteous

The domino effect

Her green picture

On a January walk

Sparky Sweet Face

Pretty girl shot

Thinking Baby

On the Lounge Carpet

Happy in the Sun

Close and Cute

Sweet Sparky Face


Westie Nose

Sleeping Beauty

In a Sunbeam

Dear December Sparky

Snuggly Sparky

Sparky's Nose

On Safari

On Blackpool Beach

In Sepia

My Sweet Old Bean

A Thoughtful Shot

My Girl's 16 !!

Sleepy Paws

Hope You Got My Good Side

Thoughtful Old Bean

Off She Goes...............

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