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Rio's Page

This is my Rio....I got her in 1995-her birthday is January 25th '95....a very sweet little dog and much loved.

Rio sadly left me on September 7th, 2011. Now reunited with Sparky but as badly missed. She was my mischief face.....

Sleepy girl

Rio in my Bed


Just Woken and Tufty

My Mini Minkie

Rio and Tree

Black 'n' White Squibber

A Serious Squibley

Another Black 'n' White

Getting bored now...

Grubby face

How pretty I am

I see you, Sparky

Texturised photo

In the park

On the carpet

The domino effect

Closeup shot

Pretty girl shot

Tenth Birthday Portrait

Close and Cute

Closeup in the Sun


Closeup in the Garden

My Naughty Little Girl


A Covered Rio

With Her Softies

Sweet Squibley Face

Rio Meets a Rottie

Bugger Off

Dirty, Filthy Squib

Close in Colour

A Wee Bugger


My Baby's 14

On Guard Duty

A Gorgeous Shot

Sitting by the Bluebells

A Mischief Face !

Enjoying Herself

By The Bird Station

Where's Rio ?

Liking The Short Grass

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