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Lucy Dawson Art

A very talented British artist who was prolific in the 1930's. Also worked under the pseudonym Mac.

Your Humble Servant

Itchy Terrier

Timothy the Scottie

Timothy The Westie

They'll Soon be Home

The Pet of the Family

The More I See...

The Chairman Speaks

Tea For Two

Scottie on a Chair

A Dog To Love..


Scottie and Puppy

Golden Retriever and Westie

Played Out

My Hero



Day Dreams

Come For a Swim With Me

Bustle Doesn't Care

After The Party


Close Friends


Who Goes There ?

Westie in Basket

Looking For Trouble

Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day

The Best of Friends

Thinking Of You

Sleeping Partners

Here's Hoping

Sealyham Puppies


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