Lyle Park Miniature Horse Ranch

Breeding for Conformation , Not Origin

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    We have The True Love For The Miniature

   We Don't care if our Horses never see a Show Ring

   We Prefer our Horses to go to loving  for ever Homes.

   We don't need a Judge to tell us or Horses have good Conformation.

                         We all ready KNOW they do,!!

  As we only breed with Horses that are sound with good conformation.

                          And great Temperament.

   But if they do go to the show ring!! Then I know they can hold there own.

                           As we only Breed For.

                           Quality NOT Quantity

         Type, Conformation, Temperament and Soundness.

                          And NOT just ORIGIN.

     So If You Want A Stable Relationship.

                   Buy A Horse

             Last Update  29-11-2011

We Have Moved

Lyle Park is now in NSW

At Maybole just 22 k's inland off the Sydney HWY

Near Ben Lomond



      More Kids More Fun


                Now Look At The Camera Delta


                             Jade And Pebbles



 I will be a little Angel and sweet talk untill I can grab that hair tie

             Just a little bit more Arrrrrrrrr Got it !!!!


 Don't mind the smell of that toothpaste Did you say it was Golgate????????


Mum  said not to feed us where to Fat

But I know Kids they will

have food on them somewhere. So look everywhere

even behind the ears.



The Ranch




 Lyle Park is a 30 acre Small stud in  NSW

In the hills of Ben Lomond

Our Passion is to keep Conformation And Soundness in

The Miniature Horse Breed,

As we believe it is the , most Important thing in breeding any horse ,

Where Colour Is a Bonus.


At Lyle Park our Horses Health and Happiness always comes first.

We Bred for the LOVE of the Horse not MONEY

We only ever place 2 or 3 horses in new Homes each year

And we are Very Selective to who We place them with .

As We DONT Breed Horses to End Up In Bad Homes.

At Lyle Park our Horses are handled from birth and are part of The Family.

We wean our foals Around 5 - 6 Months ,and pride our Self  on there

Temperament and Soundness.


So if you are ever in our area , please give us a call and drop in ,

the kettle is always on. But Don't expect to see the horses all clean and clipped

as in summer months they love to play in the dams and then roll in the dirtiest spot

they can find and in winter months they are at there hairiest.

I am a big believer in horses freedom as horses need to be able to

run and play as this is a big part of there natural development

horses are not meant to be in stables 24 hrs a day

as this causes both Physical and Mental problems.

All our horses can be viewed from our 40 year old mare down to our babies ,

You will also see our show team in the show season.

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                Please Email us we would love to hear from you

            All your comments are most welcome


               Fay and John Mulcahy


                     Ben Lomond NSW

                       Ph 02 67794253






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