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Cute white lab puppy in a santa suit
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White Lab puppy
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English Lab Puppy

Dori puppies in their new homes!


"Loyal Labradors Chewy" taking some blue ribbons Dock Jumping at the WI State Fair!  Chewy lives with the his family in WI.



Left photo: Dori puppy in the middle....his name is "Chewy".  Bjorn is in the middle and he is a Selah puppy.  Right photo:  Wickman family in IA with their girl from on (on left).


      Dom and Michelles big boy "ROCCO"              The Ayers family and "RAIDER"    


  The Boquet family with "CEDAR" and her pile of bones!





I'm happy to add your Dori puppy here.  Please send a photo and request. If it's not here please resend!  Thanks so much!