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Lou Ragland and (Ink Spots road manager) Leon Carter at the Oscars in Las Vegas
Harold Jackson(2nd Generation Ink Spot)Lou Ragland(3rdGeneration Ink Spot

           Lou Ragland as (Fredd Roxx) producing The Vegas Few Talk Show

Lou in Denver at the Museum courtyard featuring the sculptures of Bob Ragland

        Lou Ragland, Fareed Braxton, Edward Stancil and Flery Bursey
(Picture taken at the South Point Casino)
                 Lou Ragland at " Las Vegas Rock" downtown Las Vegas
                     Lou  Ragland, with one of the several instruments he plays At.
                 Lou Ragland and The Ink Spots Business agent Clinton Billups
                                 Lola Falana  and   Lou Ragland
   (pictured at the Rio Hotel and Casino at Smokie Robinson Concert)

Lou Ragland, Lawrence Maurice and George Hendricks (all Cleveland Men)

George taught Lou how to sing harmony and to belive that he could sing when Lou

would be in doubt when he first joined the Sahibs, (that's a fact!)

     Lou Ragland was born July 18, 1942 in Cleveland Ohio.  One of three

children born to Carey and Violet Ragland, Lou received his formal educa-

tion in his hometown of Cleveland.  His parents encouraged and opened

their young minds to almost every cultural institution in the state of Ohio. 

They were taken to plays, operas, parades, museums and conventions and

things of nature such as the beach, lakes, covered bridges, caves and parks.

     Lou was introduced at a very early age to music and musical instru-

ments.  The home was always filled with the sounds of the worlds greatest

performers of all time.  Such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Bing

Crosby, Johnny Ray, Earl Grant, Ray Charles and composers such as

Beethoven and Brahms.

     At the age of thirteen, Lou was even more inspired when he heard a song

played on the radio called Goody, Goody sung by Frankie Lymon and the

Teenagers.  From then on in school Lou learned to play any musical instru-

ment he could put his hands on.  The tuba, clarinet and also sax just to

name a few.  He also excelled in sports, especially track and won many

awards.   While in school some of Lou's constant companions were Wilkie, 

& Abram Gibson, 
Ronnie, Jimmy and Leonard.  Some of them eventually

sang in his very first group, The Monclairs.

Lou Ragland Cozy Ragland and Darnell Ragland, Father Daughter and son

Cozy Ragland and Lou Ragland (Daughter and Father) and they both can sing!

Daryl Ragland (grandson)  Darnell Ragland (son)   Lou Ragland  (Father)

Three generations at Papa's Home In Las Vegas, Nevada. 2008


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