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What happens at Death?


Many people don't like to think about it.

But we all have to make this trip, we cannot postpone it, no matter how bad we want to.

For we are all

Fellow Travelers to the Grave

I have family members that tell me they don't want to know now, they say they would rather wait and find out then, but you see the wise man would want to know "Now"

While your still healthy,

 while your still very much alive, while you have the time here on earth to change,

so that you can go to a good place when you die.

 You see we only have this chance while we are here on earth, while we are breathing,

 because once we close our eyes for the last time then all the chances

God gave us to change,

 and to follow him are gone.

 No turning back.

Death is very final..

The truth is that we all have a morbid curiosity about death,

 we can't help it!

Especially when you go to a funeral.


 Then you really start to wonder about it. But the good news is that if we believe the Bible is Gods word then we can delve into the facts that God gives us concerning the afterlife, and what options we have. Before... our numbers up, Before... we take that big trip, one thing forsure, we know we don't want to have any gate trouble when we get there, we know we all want to make it to a good place and rest peacefully in eternity.

So...  lets see what the Bible says about life after death,


lets see how good or how bad it could be.

Jesus told the story about the rich man, its called a parable, this means its a true story.

Luke 16:19-31

19There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:

 20And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,

 21And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.

 22And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

 23And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

 24And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

 25But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

 26And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

 27Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house:

 28For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

 29Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.

 30And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

 31And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.


So from reading this story we can tell several things,

such as the fact that the rich man could still after death:








Sounds to me like we are very much alive after we die,

 sound that way to you?

At least more alive than this guy!

(Just Kidding)

We also now know that the people in Hell and the People where Lazarus went can see each other, but they cannot go visit each other, Jesus told us that there was a great gulf fixed, and that none could cross over, we also know that if none could cross over from one place to the other then that would also mean that no one could leave either place and return to earth.

The rich man asked for Lazarus to be returned to earth, but he was told that this was impossible because of the great gulf fixed.


There is an unseen realm where all spirits go when their bodies die. Their body "sleeps" in the grave while their spirit goes to an unseen realm.

This place is referred to in the bible as Hades. (Or) Sheol.

So the place we will all go to when we die will be Hades,

but which side of Hades will you be on? the left (Place of Torment) 

(Or) the right side?

 (Place of Comfort)

I know I prefer the right side!

But lets talk about this place of Torments,

What is the TRUTH about it?

Want to know? Then read this:

I found some excerpts from this book about people that had died and had been brought back, the book claims that these people had actually gone to hell when they died, now I don't know if this book is true, but these people lived to tell of their experience.

There are those who have possibly had a very real look at Hell, either in a death bed or a near death experience. What they see is so horrifying that they do not want any more of it. 

The following paragraphs are taken from the book,

                          "To Hell and Back",

                       By Maurice Rawling, M.D.

 Those encountering the Hell experience

have ex-pressed it in these words: 

"Fiery place of desolation without hope No way out - friends from the past screaming Crushing despondent feeling of loneliness Physical pressure by the inch from the darkness Crying - shrieking - feeling horrible Isolated - frightened - black - desolate Dismal - heavy - icy shudders Feeling torment - horror so great it chokes Kicking off creatures Blood curdling screams Seeing faces of the damned Under severe penalty from an unseen force, all I see is Hell.                 


This is how one man described an experience that he considered to be Hell itself. "The darkness of Hell is so intense that it seems to have a pressure per square inch. It is an extremely black, dismal, desolate, heavy, pressurized type of darkness. It gives the individual a crushing, despondent feeling of loneliness. The heat is a dry, dehydrating type. Your eyeballs are so dry they feel like red hot coals in their sockets. Your tongue and lips are parched and cracked with the intense heat. The breath from your nostrils as well as the air you breathe feels like a blast from a furnace. The exterior of your body feels as though it were encased within a white hot stove. The interior of your body has a sensation of scorching hot air be-ing forced through it. The agony and loneliness of Hell cannot be expressed clearly enough for proper understanding to the human soul ….".

Another man "…. stared horribly surprised and frightened into the vacancy before him …. as if he beheld the king of terrors in all of his merciless wrath …. his wife screamed .… the dying man continued to stare in dreadful astonishment, his mouth wide open,

and his eyes protruding …. until he died".

"There is evidence from Dr. Maurice Rawlings' research that people can have an NDE but have absolutely no memory of it when revived. In his book "Beyond Death's Door," Rawlings, a specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, describes reviving a man from cardiac arrest. Here is what Rawlings experienced in his own words:

"Each time he regained heartbeat and respiration, the patient screamed, "I am in hell!" He was terrified and pleaded with me to help him. I was scared to death...Then I noticed a genuinely alarmed look on his face. He had a terrified look worse than the expression seen in death! This patient had a grotesque grimace expressing sheer horror! His pupils were dilated, and he was perspiring and trembling - he looked as if his hair was "on end."

Then still another strange thing happened. He said,"Don't you understand? I am in hell...Don't let me go back to hell!" ... the man was serious, and it finally occurred to me that he was indeed in trouble. He was in a panic like I had never seen before." (Rawlings, 1979). Rawlings said, no one, who could have heard his screams and saw the look of terror on his face could doubt for a single minute that he was actually in hell!"

Rawlings tells the case of a man named Charlie, whom Rawlings was trying to resuscitate and, at the same time, trying to adjust Charlie's pacemaker.

"Whenever I stopped pushing on his chest in order to adjust the pacemaker, the heart would stop and Charlie's eyes would roll up. He again would sputter, turn blue and begin to convulse. I reached over and started him up again. But this time, he was screaming the words, "Don't stop! I'm in hell! I'm in hell!"

"Hallucinations", I thought. Most patients say, "take your big hands off me, you're breaking my ribs." But he was saying the opposite, "For God's sake, don't stop! Don't you understand? Everytime you let me go, I'm back in hell!"" (To Hell and Back, pp. 36-37).

Dr. Rawlings stated that this incident with Charlie stimulated him to search for those mysteriously missing "hell" cases that seemed to never get reported.

In the case of suicide attempts, 85% of those brought back from medical death reported being glad to be alive. This is amazing, considering their attitude to life just a little while before. Every account Rawlings has collected from such people has been ‘hellish’.

The doctor records another man’s experience after his heart stopped beating. It ended up being so awful that the patient was certain he had been to hell. It brought about his conversion to Christianity. Yet the first part of his experience was nice - floating above his body, feeling happy, at peace and free from pain. Had he come back to life at that point, his ideas about life after death would have been very different. A number of people have reported seeing what began as a non-threatening light at the tunnel’s end turn into hellfire.

A university professor of art who openly dismissed the idea that there was life after death, had his life transformed by a near death experience in Paris.

Professor Howard Storm says; "I knew for certain that there was no such thing as life after death. Only simple-minded people believed in that sort of thing. I didn't believe in God, or Heaven, or Hell or any other fairy tales."

Dr Storm, professor of art at the Northern Kentucky University, was leading a group on art tour of Europe. While in Paris, he was taken suddenly and violently ill in his hotel room. "I felt as though I'd been shot," he recalls. He fell to the floor screaming in pain.

He was rushed by ambulance to hospital, where an x-ray showed a large hole in the duodenum (part of the small intestine). But as it was the weekend and most of the doctors had gone home he could not be operated on until the next day.

Ten hours passed and he had still not been operated on and he knew he was dying. He said good bye to his wife and drifted into darkness, believing he was passing into annihilation.

He suddenly found himself out of his body, but it was no dream or hallucination. He was fully aware and felt more alive than ever before. He was drawn into fearsome realms of darkness and death, where he says he glimpsed the terrible consequences of a life of selfishness and materialism.

Surrounded and attacked by evil spirits, he heard a voice saying, "Pray to God."

"I hadn't prayed at any time in my entire adult life. I didn't know how to pray." But part of Psalm 23 came into his mind and he started to pray. "Yea though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me."

To his amazement, the evil spirits backed away screaming obscenities and shouting. "There is no God! Who do you think you're talking to? Nobody can hear you!"

In the darkness, he realised that all the things he had lived for - family, sculptures, painting, his house and garden, fame, power - didn't mean a thing. A tune from his childhood started going through his head; Jesus loves me, words he had sung in Sunday School.

Howard says; "A ray of hope began to dawn in me. For the first time in my adult life I wanted it to be true that Jesus loved me. I didn't know how to express what I wanted and needed, but with every bit of my last ounce of strength, I yelled out into the darkness "Jesus save me!"

He describes being enveloped by a brilliant light which was not a thing, but a person. "He was the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus the Saviour, who loved, Me."

Howard made a slow recovery.

"I believe God allowed me to come back so that I could tell people about the love of God."


Go to your nearest Church of Christ and:

Hear the Gospel (Romans 10:17)

Believe the Gospel (Hebrews 11:6)

Repent of sin (To turn away from) (Luke 13:3)

Confess Christ (Matt 10:32)

BE BAPTIZED for forgiveness of sins & to be added to the Lords Church.

The Church of Christ. (Romans 16:16)

(Mark 16:16) ( I Peter 3:21)  (Acts 2:47)

Still not convinced?


Visit this website and scroll down to the page called: "Researchers Record the Screams of the Damned"  at the bottom of the article there will be a link where it says: Listen to a REAL audio recording taken from this article, click on it and listen to what it sounds like in HELL .... The article is called:

". . . they dig into hell . . ." Amos 9:2





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