And so it began ... perhaps the greatest epic of imagination given to our time, a story timeless in its telling, and returned to us now as if reborn. Through the magic of Tolkien brought to film something wonderful has happened: the word Fellowship has spanned the globe. Since January 2002, this website alone has touched lives in 53 countries , from the United States to Russia, from Norway to South Africa, from Mexico to South Korea and New Zealand along the way. When "The Return of the King" brought the final chapter to the screen, we reached the hand-clasp of fellowship around the world once more - and that fellowship lingers still. Thank you, Professor Tolkien. Thank you, Peter Jackson and company. And thank you to the over 200,000 visitors who have graced this site.

On these pages you will find images from Peter Jackson's epic, Academy Award winning films, "The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers" and the final film "The Return of the King," as well as brief selected verses by J.R.R. Tolkien. Neither pictures nor poetry are mine, and all are merely presented for your not for profit viewing enjoyment.

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The Fellowship of the Ring
Who they were and what they did

Black and White Character Photos

Click here for the most remarkable tavern in all of Middle Earth.  Read tales of adventure, drama, danger and romance, from this way-station in the wilds of Ithilien.
Come enjoy tales of adventure, drama, danger and romance, from the Inn of the Burping Troll in the wilds of Ithilien!

Click here for my Stories of Middle Earth; the loyalty of Legolas, the faith of Eomer, the strength of friendship and more.
You are cordially invited to read my stories of Middle Earth!

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