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ACHIEVEMENT in anything or excelling in any field is possible only when one is motivated towards the goal. Unfortunately, motivation is not some thing that can be injected from the outside for it is an intensely personal and spontaneous process that gets triggered from within. When one is motivated, the commitment to the goal automatically comes in and you find the individual at his creative best to make things happen. Motivation is also not some thing that is common in everybody. Different people are motivated differently and for different things.

Haven't you heard of many people who hate getting up in the morning and heading to work? Well they feel lethargic and lack of energy because they are not motivated to doing this task. Often lack of motivation can cause depression and boredom in people and hinder their mental as well as emotional health.

There are so many people who have a zest for life and are motivated to face everyday as a new day in their life giving them an opportunity to be happy.

Many times, we find ourselves having a dry spell in we seem to lack motivation in everything even in living day to day life. When this happen we just go through the motions of life mechanically with no concern or involvement. The person who lacks motivation finds everything meaningless.

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