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The May meeting will be held on the 8th, at 7:30 at Shiawassee Shores.

Linden's City Manager, Paul Zelenak, will be on hand to talk about the preservation project of the Mills Building, in downtown Linden. 

As always, the public is welcome to attend this meeting. Please join us!

Refreshments will be served after the business meeting and prior to Paul speaking. 





**Held April 10th at the Shiawassee Shores Main Clubhouse!!


**22 attendees, which includes 2 guests.


**Election of Officers for 2018 took place. The term of President, Treasurer, and Trustee #2 had expired. Trustee #2 did not run for re-election. David Kincaid, Amanda Whitney were nominated/re-elected. Cindy Shane was on ballot for the Trustee #2 position. All 3 were voted into office unanimously. The Society welcomed Cindy Shane to the Board. 


**It was announced that 300 people toured the museum during the 2017, Holiday Happening. 445 people entered the lower level of the Mill Bldg to take part in an ornament kit that was provided by the Society, for children. That was a record-breaking number of people in the Mill Building/Museum during the Holiday Happening!   


**Over the winter, the first floor of the museum had an electrical update!  Dave & Barbara worked extensively to ready the museum for this process to take place. They also covered/uncovered items and cleaned the museum floors.  Plus, performed a video taping of the museum and the items.


**The Questers will be doing a yearly fundraising event to benefit the Linden Mills Building preservation.  In November, a luncheon/auction will take place. They will be applying for grants, as well.


**Barbara will propose to the City of Linden that the Society hold a parking lot rummage sale, this year, to raise funds for the building preservation.


**Per the City of Linden's request, a deaccession of non-Linden heavier museum items have been put up for sale. Some items have been sold.


**Second graders from Linden Schools will be touring the museum and library in May.  


**The program for the evening was "This Is My Life".  Members gave accounts of their winter activities.



Our member, and long-time Linden resident, Peggy Morton, passed away on February 27, 2018.  Peggy attended many of the Society's meetings and worked the museum numerous times.  Her great knowledge of Linden was valuable and truly appreciated.

The Society extends its deepest sympathy to Peggy's family.





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