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by Linda Loegel

If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut

Release date:  March 15, 2011

Book Publisher:  Diversion Press

Let me take you on a trip back to a simpler time and place.  The time was the 1940s and the place was a little town in Vermont called Springfield.  Although war was raging in Europe and Japan, and the country was still in the Great Depression, my sister and I were too busy playing and getting each other in trouble to pay any attention to such things. If you've forgotten, or never knew, what it was like to be raised in a stable, loving family with parents who knew how to parent, you'll enjoy reading this book.  Go back before television, computers, cell phones, faxes and DVDs, to a time when people knew their neighbors, doors could be kept unlocked, and you actually had to get up and walk across the room to change the radio station.

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Price: $9.95 

 "A delightful story set in Vermont in the 1940's, of two sisters who lived and dreamed in innocence, played, fought, made up and grew up together. Linda's story transports the reader to their own childhood days.   Written honestly, sprinkled with humor and skillfully told."  Lou Harper, President, Southern Oklahoma Writers' Guild.

"With a memory as fresh as spring lilacs, Linda Loegel recounts her New England childhood during the 1940ís. Delightful vignettes of imaginative adventures in a cozy neighborhood ring with humor, insight and nostalgia about life as it was before television, astronauts, and Rock N Roll.   Readers who grew up in the era will enjoy remembering America immediately after World War II.  Readers not so fortunate will find themselves a bit jealous as they experience Loegelís keen recollections of simpler and more wholesome times."  Gerilyn Herold, Freelance Christian Writer, Alpine CA.

"Linda Loegel has a unique ability to both inform and entertain as she retraces her upbringing in rural Vermont.  You feel you are there yourself in the moment,hearing the voices,seeing the people,even participating in the activities.  She enables the reader to get in touch with the "real" Vermont as it was back then."  Phillip Cabot Camp,Sr., Publisher, The Vermont Standard.

Bumps Along The Way

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Author: Linda Loegel

ISBN: 978-0-557-51508-0

Copyright: 2010

Language: English

Country: United States

Price: $14.95

Pages: 216

Bumps Along the Way is a lighthearted look at a road trip across the country. Can two cranky seniors manage being together in a small car for six long weeks? It would take a miracle, since they normally don't travel well together even on short trips. Thankfully, God is still in the miracle business.

This book is for people who like to travel, who are old enough to remember back when, and for people who believe that God watches out for us no matter what dumb thing we humans may do.

If you have ever traveled with a spouse and dealt with the problem of one person driving and one person navigating, and it didn't turn out well, then you will relate to this book.

For those of you who have encountered a few bumps along the road of life, congratulations, for that's what makes the trip memorable.

Get in and hang on while two senior citizens take you on an unforgettable road trip across the country.



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