Water vs Fluoride

-- running water is an essential necessity of life.
(- "range of measures to avoid fluoridated water"?)
(- "get a filter".)
(- "distill your water")
(- "get bottled water")
(- "try 'big blue' water coolant co".)
(- get friend/business to deliver artesian water".)
(- "get water yourself from Petone/Hutt")
(- "go to Lower Hutt instead of Petone")
(- "shift".)
(- "just drink the stuff".)
(- only best water supply situation answer.)
-- fluoridation not the best "effective" answer.
(- real root issue.)
-- fluoridation not "safe".
(- not just "ocd/placebo".)
(- NZ bad health epidemic?)
(- done on purpose?)

(Clean running home tap) Water is an essential necessity of life:
- We can not live without water for more than about 3 days (and even 1/2/3 days is miserable being without water). (I can live with and can't live without water for days; I can live without [and can't live with] fluoridated water for days/weeks/years.)
Our bodies (and brains) are #% water.
- Aside from that water is essential (# cups/litres daily), we also need it for other things like rinsing/cooking/eating, washing, garden, etc.
- In the 42 negative confessions of ancient Egyptians, number 35 is "i have not fouled running water".
- Clean running water was/is important in Mosaic cleanliness laws.
- "The Greeks built fountains in their towns and along the roadside."
- "In Roman great attention was paid to fountains. When Agrippa reorganised the water supply of the city under Augustus, he restored 700 fountains, decorating 400 with marble columns and 300 with statues."
- The bible talks about 1/3rd world dying from wormwood-water / blood-water.
- The Saxons poisoned king Uther's water.
- "Houses in my village don't have running water, but there is a well which has clean, pure running water, and was built with money earned by selling fair trade cocoa beans. There were big problems with the old well - some people in my village were even poisoned when chemicals from a gold mine got into it! Plus, we used to have to walk 9 kms to collect water and carry it back in a bucket on our heads. Now the well is less than a km away, and everyone's delighted. It's not as easy as turning on a tap...." Ama Swerwaa.
- K Bolton of NZ suggested that water would be a major comodity in near future.

Everyone keeps looking for every possible ridiculous individualistic "answer/solution" (to our troubles with Fluoridation) and not any non-individual solution (collective & individual responsibility).

The South Taranaki court case untruly & unfairly claimed that:
"an individual has the ability not to consume fluoridated water" / "no one is compelled to consume the water" / "a citizen has the choice of supplying their own drinking water or filtering" /  "no obligation to consume the fluoridated water" / "the city is not compelling [anyone] to drink it... .... His freedom to choose not to ingest it...." ; "a range of measures we can employ to avoid ingesting fluoridated water" / "He is free to filter it, boil it, mix it with purifying spirits, purchase bottled water." /  "easily filtered out by an end user".
Well Mr healthy & rich Judge & lawyers, some of us have worse sitiuations and conditions than you evil lying selfish thugs, and we are not so free/able to and it is not so easy. (Firstly i never even know until i happened to find out (though i knew i was having health/ability troubles).)

"get a water filter":
- i am not able to have a water filter here because i have plumbing pipes/fittings/tanks problems here.
- filtering water is dangerous without expert knowledge and good diet: they can/do take the good stuff out too.
- there are only 2 filters that actually take the poison out (all the others are lies). (We have to trust they really do too (as it is not easy to tell why having health/ability troubles).)
- it is slow.
- filter parts can also put harmful chemicals/biological in the water.
- it costs alot to replace filter parts.
- i have ocd and need/want to shift and can't be getting more stuff/things/clutter.
- what about that i am still also effected by it effecting others?
- why should i have to filter out stuff they put in in first place?
- if everyone is just going to filter/etc then why do they bother putting the stuff in.
- have to have more than one filter for kithcen, bathroom.
- what about when out? (can't carry bottles of water around very easily.) How can i go on a date when i can't go to a restaurant because of fluoridated water and sugar?

"get a distiller"
It takes out other nutrients,
it costs alot of electricity,
is alot of hastle (not like having running tap water)

"Get bottled water":
This smart "easy" answer is not fair/true/easy.
- The government made it law that they don't have to say/state on labels whether their water is/isn't fluoridated.
- Some commerical "spring water" has naturally high level of fluoride.
- I don't have a car. How can i carry bottles of water by hand/foot/trolley? It is hard enough carrying a weeks groceries.
- Most bottled waters come in pet(e) #1 bottles which have endocrine disruptors. (Some also have dyed/coloured bottles which might be toxic.)
- Who is going to take away the empty bottles?
- It is still a hastle to have to get out to shops or order from shops.
- It costs me money (are they going to refund rates/water-bills?)
- We don't know where the water has been.
- I am sick of having to ration water (and therefore also food too). I am sick of having to half thrist/starve when low on water.
- most of the bottle water in shops are small size bottles.

"Try big blue water coolant co":
I looked their site up but there are problems with what they do to the water: They take out certain nutrients. They leave it sitting in metal tanks. They do "ph adjustment" which i don't like. Etc. Their deliverer is bald which is not very good sign.

"Get someone (friend/business) to deliver Petone spring water":
- No one i asked is able or willing to deliver spring water (all they way from Petone to Upper Hutt), except for one pastor. (And even the pastor is due to retire soon.) CAB said there is no one who can/will and could only say "ask a church".
- I am sick of having to rely on unreliable people who sometimes leave me in the lurch.
- I am sick of having to be able to trust another person with water.
- I am sick of having to ration water (and therefore also food too). I am sick of having to half thrist/starve when low on water.
- What about that it still effects me indirectly by effecting others?

"Get water yourself from Petone/Hutt":
- I am sick of having to somehow be able to get out and go get  water from Petone by hand/foot/"trolley"/train (as i don't have a car) every week or couple of weeks, esp when i have hell enough condition & situation.
I am sick of my timetable/studies/"life" being messed up by having to live around when water runs out.
- Are you going to refund the train & other costs?
- Even if i could, it takes half a day or a whole day and i don't have time to do anything else. (Esp as there are no lockers anywhere and i can't be carrying around empty/full water containers in shops/group-events/etc.)
- I am sick of having to ration water (and therefore also food too).

"Go to Lower Hutt instead of Petone"
- the Lower Hutt one is still to far/long away from Upper Hutt.
- the LH one has big long copper pipes which i don't like/trust.
- no one has told me if the LH water has been tested and has similar results to Petone one.

I can not shift without either a miracle or oppourtunity or help, because i have a difficult/awkward combination of requirements (not too socially isolated location re single at 42, safe for my studies books & papers, not fluoridated water*, affordible (banks won't give mortgage on benefit, not attached &/or noisy neigihbours/neighbourhood). I can't go overseas unless/until i can get a passport.
* All of wellington, porirua, lower hutt, upper hutt fluoridate except korokoro and petone. Half of nz settlements/towns fluoridate.

"Just drink the stuff (and trust God), it is not harmful":
- I can not just drink/eat the poison sh*t because there is no doubt from multiple experiences that it definitely does negatively effect my short term and long term health and ability   (plus it also makes me angry and damage things).
- You have no right to what-amounts-to-force it on me unless it is (provenly) forced on everyone (and even then it is still unfair as we still have unequal situations/condtions)

The only best answers are either:
- stop fluoridating our water, and stop putting sugar in our food. People can darn get/put-in their own sugar, and brush their own teeth, and get their own fluoride far more easily.
- put in an (or make public an existing private) artesian bore in central Upper Hutt (like Petone one, not like Lower Hutt big long copper pipes one).
- help me to be able to shift to somerwhere which has clean water.
- or in the mean time someone trustworthy to deliver clean/artesian water from Petone.

Fluoridation is not (the only best or most) effective answer:
- It has been shown that topic fluoride is more effective for teeth than digestively induced fluoride.
- Why did the USA lower the level they add about a year ago?
- if the pushers are so right then why are some people allowed to evade it?

It has been proven by many that the real root issue of "increased incidence of (childrens) tooth decay" (which is the whole claimed basis argument of the pushers) is:
(i) sugar: they fill our food/drink with it. Go buy yourself a packet of weatbix/cornflakes/ricebubbles or biscuits and see for yourself. Ingredients lists are in order of amounts,  so sugar in first 1/2/3 means full of it.
"... 2 cups of brown sugar...." - A typical 'Edmonds Cookbook' recipe.
(ii) oral cleanliness. (Thus the health regime's putting "oral health on tap" is moronic.)
(iii) diet ((processed) carbs).
(iv) diet (nutrition).
(v) socio-economic disadvantages/inequalities.
They are using "science" as an easy answer because they refuse to change their corporate system and individual lifestyle/responsibility.
- A friend of mine said he was looking at humans in Christ's/Roman times and was surprised that they all had good teeth.
- It is said that the Maoris had good teeth before modern western diet/lifestyle.
- Sedgeford Archaeological society paper had evidence that teeth state due to diet and cleanliness.
- A friend of mine said she stopped eating food with more than [10?/20?] percent sugar and brushes/floses once/twice a day and has has had no holes for 10 years now.
- Scientific study found that milk is good for teeth (the study said that they don't know why).
- The MOH's own study showed that rural children had better teeth than urban fluoridated children.
- Fluoridated water didn't stop my mothers dog loosing all but a few of its teeth.
- "take care of those teeth" (- wapf).
- "Banyan & Margosa are good for teeth...." - Tamil proverb.
- People easily can get their own dietary or supplementary fluoride from : toothpaste, fluoridated bottled water, tablets, all water has some fluoride, tea, fluoridated salt, high fluoride foods like gelatine / soy, naturally high fluoride spring water, etc.

Fluoridation is not (scientific or) safe:
- Although we can't absolutely prove it is harmful, they can't prove that it is safe not harmful (despite their lying claims to contrary).
- They have no individual doctors diagnosis/certificate and have not given us all the info, and/or all options.
- It is illegal to issue medication without labeling.
- Although we can't absolutely prove it is harmful, we can give plenty of evidence(s) that it does seem to be harmful to health &/or ability.
- There is no doubt from my own un/known experience(s) that i am worse on fluoridated water and not so bad on unfluoridated water. Among the seeming possible effects i have had include: insomnia, balding, dry mouth, thyroid, tinnitis (ringing in ears), mental dumbness/slowness/fog, ocd, no dreams or stupid dreams (pineal gland). (Though some of these may also/alternatively be partly/wholly due to other things like uncleanliness, lack exercise, poor diet, etc, there is nevertheless still no doubt that fluoride effects ability & health.) After being on artesian water for months i made discoveries in my studies that i had not been able to see/make when i was on fluoridated water.
- People have said that "we are all getting smarter [despite fluoridation]". But this is an evolutionist falsehood because humans have always been smart.
- The fluoride they put in our water is not the same compound as natural fluoride, and not the same level/amount as the natural fluoride in water.
- "All medication is poison" (though they try to excuse it by "it depends on the dose") and has side-effects.
- they can not control the dosage/intake of fluoride &/or water. (Some of us have higher water intake and/or smaller bodies.)
- The packets of the fluoride that they put in our water say "hazchem", "posion", "toxic".
- It is illegal to dump the fluoride that they put in our water in the sea.
- Fluorine is in the same column of periodic table as chlorine (which they also add to water), bromide (which they have in medications like citalopram) and iodide (once called the "universal panacea").
- Mainland Europe has banned public water fluoridation.
- Why did the usa lower the level they add about a year ago?
- Fluoride is known/accepted/prove to effect thyroid.
- Some people have allergies/sensitivity.
- We don't all have the same situations and conditions and some of us are more vulnerable to effects.
- Natural (God created) is best.

Its not just "ocd" or placebo. They haven't proven this. There is no doubt from my own multiple experiences (and research and observation) that it has bad effects. There are plenty of others with clean bills of mental health etc who also testify.

Poor NZers Health epidemic, &
Medication easy answer:
Although ill health is not all just due to fluoridation or just due to physical chemicals, these things evidently still have an effect. Some of these following things may be partially due to water fluoridation (and alluminium-lacing), and/or may be due to other causes (including spiritual/cultural, upbringing, sprayed food, biological uncleanliness, genetics).
"A quarter of NZ youth experience a mental illness by age 15".
"We have approximately 420 clients on our books currently  and around 11 new referrals every week." local cmht leader.
"There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.”" (- NZ, Jan 2013.)
"10% of NZers are medicated...."
Lots of people i have heard got prostate cancer (my father, my adopted grandfather, my step father, Schwarzkopf, Paul Holmes, Ken S, etc).
Mass balding of many men in NZ/Greater Wellington.
"Anxious teens find they just can't cope
More Children are being medicated for mental disorders than ever.... The latest availiable figures released to the DomPost ... show nearly 20000 children and teenagers were on antidepressants in 2013. The number has climbed every year since 2009. .... Antipsychotics are even being used on a small handful of children under 4 to treat "severe behavioural disorders". .... some evidence, although limited, of higher rates of mental illness in the current generation of adolescents and teenagers. "We have seen an increase with adolescents and girls especially." ... more kids [sic] being seen by mental health specialists, with access rising by about 35 percent since 2009. ... suggested it could be about 1 in 10." & "Overall in 2013, 19,803 children and teenagers were prescribed antidepressants - up from 15,071 in 2009. Most of these were aged between 15 & 19, but the biggest increase was among 10 to 14 year olds, where the number on medication for depression rose by nearly a third to 2526. About 800 children under 10 are on either anti-psychotics or anti-depressants each year." - Dominion Post 21-22 March 2015.

Done on purpose / conspiracy?
- The quote from Ama Swerwaa that we gave above in the Water section was on the back of a fair trade chocolate bar full of sugar.
- The Nazis allegedly had water fluoridation (in concentration camps)?

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