The Levin Morning Star *

* The Levin Morning Star......122...... Saturday 4 April 2015

Unsignal-lighted Pedestrian Crossing Between Essex

 and York Streets, on Oxford Street Levin,

which is also State Highway

Number One.


Update:-  22 October 2008

A yellow diamond sign was recently affixed to the northernmost lampost by the  f 2 go shop, but it's too small. This crossing needs the previous larger sized one, as is next to the Mobil sign for southbound traffic. It certainly must have traffic signal lights with stopping lines for both lanes  too. 



 Below. A small yellow diamond, pedestrian crossing ahead, sign, taken from 100 paces, is not readily visible in this photo with the same telephoto setting as the next photo. Use a magnifying glass to see  it on the computer screen.

                                    ↓ The new sign is on the lampost behind the orange advertising trailer.

Below. Full sized, yellow diamond, pedestrian crossing ahead sign, on southbound lane, between the van and Mobil sign, is just visible in the photo taken from 100 paces.



Sizes of the two yellow diamond signs to warn north

and south bound motorists of the pedestrian

crossing ahead. They both need to be

1230mm, on the diagonal,

for best visibility.

                 ↓ 0. 3 Square Metre new yellow diamond sign for northbound motorists.

           ↑    ↓  New yellow diamond sign for northbound motorists.

                 ↓ 810mm



       ↓0.7 Square Metre yellow diamond sign for southbound motorists 


                       ↓← 1230mm   →↓ 

                     ↑← 1230mm →↑




The pedestrian crossing is unreliable, has a very narrow centre island, and

 there's a missing full sized warning sign. It should be controlled

with traffic lights. Traffic signal lights allow motorists to

stop with an orange warning phase and force

pedestrians to wait and not suddenly

start their walk across.










The twelve photos below were taken around 12:15pm on 11 October 2008 

 Please Note, by    LPG     on the  Mobil  sign,   the grey back of the 

 yellow diamond pedestrian Sign, on the opposite side,

for those heading south. There's not one for cars

 heading north. It was removed and

needs replacing now.


Below No regulation Yellow Diamond Pedestrian Crossing Sign on the kerb line

Above A huge clutter of signage that overwhelms easy identification of the pedestrian crossing lolipops 


Above and Below Please note the white outline of a diamond on the road. 

Below Please note again, by   LPG     on the  Mobil  sign and the red lolipop, 

the grey back of the Yellow Diamond  Pedestrian Crossing Sign 



Above Vehicles can be on the road's white diamond

Below   Motorists and cyclists here, should see a yellow diamond pedestrian crossing sign to the left.

The white diamond outline on the road is not easily visible.


There should be a yellow diamond pedestrian crossing sign between the two green parked cars.

It was removed and needs to be urgently replaced. 

Below The grey back of the southward traffic's yellow diamond pedestrian crossing sign, once again. 

Another must be immediately placed for northbound traffic, as described.


                                  The grey back of the yellow diamond sign.