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I would like to introduce you to every doe we have, we don't have an extra 20 goats running around that we are breeding to get kids from, we have only a handful of Does.The Does we have are ones that we have kept because they are show correct and have excellent mothering skills. Here are the Does for the Spring 2016 kidding season............ You can find some of them located in the pictures section.

This girl needs no introduction... STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT STYLE, Morgan actually purchased this girl when she was about 3 months old along with her sister STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT GRACE and their dam STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT IT ALL. STYLE is Morgan's paint doe that won Grand Percentage Doe 5 Times before we went to NAILE this last year. (2015) These three girls are all show correct. SHE'S GOT IT ALL HAS 171 Unassigned points, 66 Individual points. SHE'S GOT STYLE has accumulated 71 Points, Grace has never been shown but she is show correct.

LEKA ROCK-ROLL-MARTHA is a 50% Boer Doe/50% Nubian Doe, Her sire is AABG FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK, ROCK was the Grand Fullblood Buck in NAILE in 2008. We bred and raised this girl, I kept for her milking and mothering ability. This doe is show correct with ABGA standards, 1X1 teats.

LEKA WHAT ABOUT THE MOONLIGHT, "Flirt" is a 75% Percentage Doe, her dam was purchased in the Star E Ranch Dispersal. She is a half sister to Star E Ranch SHE'S GOT IT ALL, she is bred to AFB2 DOC HOLLIDAY they will be 3/4 siblings to STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT STYLE. Flirt is also show correct with 1X1 teats.

LEKA ROCK-N-ROLL,"Erica's baby" is a Fullblood doe, her dam was the 2012 Illinois State Fair Champion Junior Doe on her first showing. Her sire is AABG FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK which was the Grand Buck at NAILE in 2008. This girl is also show correct with 1X1 teats.

SNSD ACE'S CHERRY MASH was also purchased in from the Star E Ranch Dispersal that Beth bought from Sheila Smith, SNS Boer Goats, she is a wonderful doe and has never done use wrong in the ring. She has 11 show points and very limited showings. She has kidded for me once already and I have bred her back the same way, I was very impressed with Cherry's mothering capability. She kidded unassisted and the kids progressed very quickly being hours old. She is show correct and 1X1 with a spur on each side.

AFB2 WHAT A DIVA is a Fullblood Doe that was also purchased from Star E Ranch Dispersal. She is a show correct doe with 2 points, and an excellent mother, last kidding she kidded triplets and did an excellent job. She is STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT IT ALL half sister, she is bred to AFB2 DOC HOLLIDAY which will give us more 3/4 siblings to SHE'S GOT STYLE. 

STAR E RANCH WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE, Love is a doe that Morgan showed 2 years ago, she is a half sister to SHE'S GOT IT ALL. She has awesome mothering skills and we can't wait for our 3/4 siblings to be born to STYLE. She is show correct and maybe shown again in the near future.

AFB2 2ND TO NONE, is a doe that we purchased with the intentions of breeding to AFB2 DOC HOLIDAY. She is show correct, 2X2 teats. This will be her first kidding in the Spring of 2016.

SJGA BONO'S SALUTE TO BEAUTY, I just obtained this doe and have her bred to Doc, she is show correct. Farm visitors always ask about this doe. Her dam is AABG NBD MERCI ME, ENNOBLED and sire is LEWIS CREEK BONO, ENNOBLED.

WWHF MISS PHOTOGENIC, I just obtained as well, she is show correct and she will be bred for fall kids to Doc.  


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