1976 MG Midget Renovation

1976 MG Midget Renovation



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The Journey Begins

In August of 2005, a relative of mine drove over to the family's summer camping haunt in a nice early 70's Triumph convertible.  This sparked memories of growing up in Washington, DC and seeing the MG Midgets which I loved at 1st site.  It got me thinkin.  I want one and want to renovate one myself.  I did some research over the web, check the MG club sites and Ebay.  It could be done and done right on a reasonable budget.

After looking and bidding on Ebay, I found one with a solid body that was within my ability to restore.  I chose the buy it now price of $850 and it was mine.  The date was September 18, 2005.  The following week,  went down to Lancaster, Ohio to claim my prize.  The car was as it was described on Ebay.  It had not ran in 5 years, needed engine and brake work, but solid body and decent interior.  I towed the car with my 1992 Ford Taurus wagon with a car dolly rented from U-Haul.  Towed it back to Lansing.  When I arrived home, the car met my neighbor's approval.  Most importantly, my wife said I could keep it but I better not sell it.  Sounded fair to me.


Why a website?

This site is for family, friends, and interested car addicts.  It will contain pictures of the renovation, costs, list of companies and individuals who have helped with the project, and ongoing status of the project.  Feel free to contact me westmont48906@yahoo.com with comments and suggestions.  Enjoy!

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