Curriculum Vitae
Profile   Technical Lead  
    Architectural- and Technical design  
    Senior member of IEEE  
Trapeze Group Europe A/S 2006 - 2015 Senior Developer  
    * Lead responsibilities
    Architectural responsibility
    Clarification of requirements
    Coordination of deliveries
    * Technologies
    C++, Qt, Python, C# .NET
    * Databases
    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 9+, MySQL
Secretary of Examiners 2013 - 2017 External Examiner  
    * Educational Programmes
    Academy Profession
Ementor Denmark A/S 2000 - 2006 Consultancy-based Software Developer  
    * Lead responsibilities
    Architectural responsibility
    Clarification of requirements
    Lead development efforts
    * Technologies
    C++, C# .NET, Java
    * Databases
    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
Henley MBA Denmark 1997 - 1997 Software Developer  
    * Lead responsibilities
    Stakeholder management
    Requirementment management
    * Technologies
    Microsoft Access
Aarhus Business College 1996 - 1999 IT Administrator  
    * Lead responsibilities
    Technical lead
    End user management
    Technical support
MaxiPharma A/S 1996 - 1996 Software Developer  
    * Lead responsibilities
    Architectural responsibility
    Requirementment management
    * Technologies
    Microsoft Access
Aarhus University 2011 Master Thesis  
Aarhus, Denmark   [thesis] [defence]  
Aarhus University 2008 - 2009 Master's Degree Programme  
Aarhus, Denmark   Software Development  
    * Software Architecture
    [thesis] [defence]
    * Pervasive Computing
    [presentation] [thesis] [defence]
    * Management of Enterprise Architecture
Aarhus University 2006 Bachelor Thesis  
Aarhus, Denmark   [read more] [references] [defence]  
Aarhus University 2004 - 2006 Graduate Diploma Programme  
Aarhus, Denmark   B. Sc. (Computer Science)  
    * Software Construction  
London South Bank University 2000 Academy Profession Thesis  
London, England   [references]  
Aarhus Business College

1998 - 2000

Academy Profession Programme  
Aarhus, Denmark   Computer Science  
    * C++ Programming  
    * Object-Oriented Analysis and Design  
    * Design Patterns  
    * IT-Strategy  
Aarhus Business College

1994 - 1997

Upper Secondary Commercial  
Aarhus, Denmark   IT, Law, Economics, English etc.  
Courses / Certifications      
Scrum Alliance 2013 Scrum Product Owner  
Aarhus, Denmark      
Trifork A/S 2008 Test-Driven Development  
Aarhus, Denmark   Advantages, disadvantages and walkthroughs  
Danish Technological Institute 2006 C++ Networking Group  
Aarhus, Denmark   Qt 4 Gui, Open GL, Microsoft .NET 2.0  
Microsoft 2006 Meet Microsoft for IT Architects  
Aarhus, Denmark   Applied Architecture with Enterprise Library  
Microsoft 2005 Microsoft Summer Camp  
Copenhagen, Denmark   SQL Server 2005.  
Microsoft 2004 Biztalk 2004  
Copenhagen, Denmark   Architecture and usage  
BEA Systems 2002 BEA e-world Conference  
Paris, French      
Digiquant 2001 Billing Systems  
Copenhagen, Denmark   IMS Service Management  
    IMS Provisioning 4.0.1  
    IMS Application Server 4.0.1  
DevelopMentor 2001 Essential XML  
London, England   XML 1.0 + Namespaces  
    Document Type Definitions (DTDs)  
    XML Messaging (SOAP)  
    Simple API for XML (SAX) etc  
Eastfork Object Space 2000 Java 2 - Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)  
Aarhus, Denmark   The EJB Architecture  
    Designing EJB Applications  
    Deployment guidelines  
Science Publications 2013 A tool analysis in architectural reconstruction  
Science Publications 2013 Collecting data from running systems  
Aarhus University 2009 A Case Study in Architectural Reconstruction  
Download PDF   European Software Engineering Conference 2009  
Not published 2006 Building Secure Applications  
Download PDF   Guidelines for building secure applications  
    Version 1.2  
Representative project summary      
Lead Developer   Defect management system that are used for all European customers. It is based on a customized Bugzilla installation with integration to both Sales Force and Jira.  
Lead Developer   Implemented an e-invoice application, which was an application made in C++ with ATL based on the DCOM architecture. In this project security was an important issue and that is why we have chosen to use asymmetric keys encryption (the Open SSL standard) in the application.  
Lead Developer   Implementing a Cisco award-winning project, which was a VoIP application made in C++, where the main part of the application took care of the integration between Microsoft Exchange and the Cisco Call Manager platform.  
Lead Developer   Implementing an offline synchronization between two Microsoft SQL Server databases, which are totally separated both logically and physically. It was made with TSQL and the C# language.  
Non-Professional interests National economics, Travelling, Finer whiskeys, Bicycling
Professional interests Management, Autonomic computing, Cryptographic
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