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Rotherham. South Yorkshire

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Rio comes 2nd in a class of 8 at Sheff GSD Open show on 25th Oct 09

look at Rio's Show results page for further information

Kyloni Kalisto BVA hip score 3:4  Elbows 0:0 Available at Stud to Approved bitches only

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Welcome to our website...Kyloni GSDs was founded by us back in 1991.

We bought our first shepherd in 1987 and that was quickly followed by a second and then a third.

In 1993 our son Luke was born followed in 1995 by our son Danny.

From our first litter, we kept Kyloni Arconan  (Arco) and Kyloni Ambrose  (Ellie) , both won Best Puppy at open breed shows and the show bug had truly got us.

We both served on the Sheffield GSD club committee where i helped with breed training,  I also enjoyed handling at champ and open shows.

We live in Rotherham, South Yorkshire...Our dogs are Hip Scored and Tattooed. Males are Heamophillia tested, and all our puppies are cardiology checked.

Elbow scoring has also been introduced into our stock.

Kyloni Kalisto  (Rio)    Sire..Lindanvale Mack      Dam..Kyloni Gabriella

D.O.B. 08/04/2007........Here at 5 months of age and showing great promise..

Rio was campaigned in the show ring, see Kyloni Kalisto page for details of his show results.


Kyloni Balthazaar  (Perry)        Sire..Calagran Urko 2RCCs         Dam..Vorhanden Abresca at Kyloni            

We had some fun with Perry in the showring at Champ and Open show level and he was hard to beat on a good day. 

Home of  Kyloni.









Here we are training on a cold, wet and windy day with Kyloni Elite (Vinnie) 

and one of his daughters Tigerlilly Princess of Sarjette (Tiger).

From left to right we have Danny, Jamie, Luke, Tony and Sarah.


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