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Welcome King's Field Fans!!!

    You are all welcome! If you wanna find some stuff about KF series,you are in the right place!You will find reviews,pictures,videos,multimedia files about all KF games and Agetec's first-person RPG games Eternal Ring,Shadow Tower,Shadow Tower Abyss and Demon's Souls.I will review every of them time by time with playing them all,so don't forget check for updates!

     King's Field is first person game series by Agetec and From Softare.Series got a total of 9 games.3 of them are on PSX,one on PS2,3 for Mobile Phones and 2 for PSPs.Even though series had a great success for Agetec,creators told that there are no new KF game are in their plans due to high creation costs of the game.Yes,you can consider this as the death of the series but i still have some hopes for the future

     I played thru all those 4 King's Field games on Sony Playstation systems but others remains still unplayed,because and  I don't have Japanese Mobile Phone or PSP and don't know Japanese.I hope someday they all will be release for Europe and US or someone makes a translation patches for them.

    Aside from KF games,Agetec made some other first-person RPGs called Shadow Tower(2 games),Eternal Ring,Sword Of Moonlight(A King's Field making tool) and Demon's Soul.They are all similar with KFs in many ways and you can play them to still feel KF spirit.Anyway,i reviewed them those are i played also,you can check out them.

   And it's not still enough for you,you will some game suggestions that are similar in some ways with KF also.It's a place for all KF fans they need something about KF series.So you are all welcome!

    You will find a review,various vidoes around the net,pictures,tips,tricks,cheats,game shark codes,credits and links for each game in their own pages if possible.I know this site is very simple one but I built this site cuz even though there are lots of sources about KF series,they are really scattered around the net.You will find all of your KF needs here in their own pages and download files like musics,videos,patches and etc.(don't expect any of the game roms).You can find media files at the download section of the page,not on their own page.

    If you have have comment,suggestions or problems about the site,please contact me with my mail or leave a small note to the my website ok?

   Updates(29.07.2015):Review of Baroque for Wii has been added to Games Similar to KF series page

   Updates(11.09.2013): With the request from Gamezilla, one of the biggest polish game website, added an article link about  games like 'King's Field', ' Shadow Tower Abyss', a history of this productions ,author's inspirations and also interesting opinions of experts like  Hidetaka Miyazaki or Yui Tanimura (but in Polish sadly) to General KF Tips,Story,Links section. And all download links in King's Field Downloads section has been refreshed, some new stuff has been added and some of them has gone. You should check it out, I'm sure that you'll like it!

   Updates(04.09.2013): Added a little topic about "not-posibble most likely" King Field 5 game to Other King's Field games section along with a interview from From Software producers. Worth a look. And will fix some of the download sections next time.

    Updates(22.04.2012): A full english translation patch for Shadow Tower Abyss is out and a review for the game has been added. Go to the Shadow Tower Abyss page for translation patch and review

    Updates(06.04.2012): A full review of King's Field 3 -Pilot Style- and info about King's Field (Beta) has been added to the Other King's Field games section. Also two new KF links has been added to the links page

   Updates(15.10.2011): I don't know if you are following this site but they are writing analysis on game series for a long time and i really love them. So they finally made one for our dear KF also and they even talked about Shadow Tower and Eternal Ring. Here is the page link: I think you should absolutely read it. And our site has been referenced more than 5 times in the analysis, sweet! You can read my new Demon's Soul review also. Have fun!