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Knuti goes cross country skiing

Dear Knutians, today I have made a real SCOOP! Our fluffy friend has decided to go for gold in the next Winter Knulympics  and he’s started training very hard. At the moment it’s the cross country skiing that’s in the focus. (He’s planning to compete even in alpine skiing, ski jumping and biathlon) Since the KnutiTours is his biggest sponsor the reporter from the Knutian Daily (c’est moi!) was the only one allowed to follow his preparations for the big games! I had to be a security person as well and chase away  some “reporters” and paparazzis from the yellow press trying to approach the place. How I knew they were from the yellow press? Well, they had the word ‘moron’ tattooed on their foreheads – thanks to the ladies at the Tattoo Parlor!

Knuti wanted to be the one who lights the Knulympic Fire, too, but he was told that Afroditi will bring the fire from Greece and also light the big fire at the Knulympia Stadium.


Knuti insists that we’ll call him the “Yeti” (Snowman) when he’s winter sporting but I call him Knuti here. He started his training in a somewhat unorthodox way. The first thing he wanted to learn was how to receive the gold medal. Catherine has been very busy rehearsing the medal ceremony with him at the Fireside Café.. Knuti’s been practicing elegant bows and how to say thank you in different languages. How to wave to the public – that he already masters to the perfection!


Our friend had been watching golf on TV and noticed that the famous golf players never carry their clubs themselves but have people called caddies to do that. Knuti knew immediately that what he needed was a knuddie to carry his skis and ski sticks. After thinking very hard he chose Dr B to be his knuddie.


Before starting his training Knuti was given some good advice by Tobias Angerer and Axel Teichmann. Especially the free style was a little confusing to our gold medalist to be! He was very amazed when he saw that Tobias and Axel were skating on their skis! After some falls Knuti now masters the free style and thanks to his fur tutu he didn’t hurt himself.


As we all know cross country skiing takes a lot of energy. That’s why Knuti has a whole team to take care of his need of nourishment during the competition. He’s not only a skier but a growing bear so some sips of a sport drink wouldn’t be enough for him. Today was the first test for the team work.


The first check point was after 200 meters – Herr Klös was standing there with fresh croissants. Knuti felt quite weak after skiing so fast so he really enjoyed the first “Imbiss”. Next stop was after 400 meters where Dr Ochs waited with smoked salmons imported from Finland. After 600 meters Knuti wanted to take a little break  so Daddy had prepared a mulchbed as well as a jutebag filled with some snacks. Knuti even played with his blue ball a little while before he continued. Uncle Ronnie was stationed 800 meters from the start with cheese- and ham sandwiches. He had made some for himself, too, but for some reason he couldn’t find any after Knuti’s stop at this service point. Finally after 1 kilometer – when Knuti crossed the finish line Uncle Marcus gave him a nice pumpkin.


Everything seemed to go according their plans. As a matter of fact when Knuti smelled the next service point he skied much faster. I hope this isn’t cheating but to my knowledge there are no rules against using the food smell as fuel on a ski track….


Knuti’s also going to introduce something revolutionary to the cross country skiing. He will have a pace maker! In this case it’s Dr Schüle who’s riding his red bicycle along the track . Because nowadays  there’s usually snow only on the track biking is possible.  Should there be a lot of snow he just has to run but then again, he’s a very good runner because he’s got a lot of training running away from the fast women in Baerlin.

After the training Knuti relaxed dancing
Photo: Hartmuth


I even had a short interwiev  with Knuti after his training. He appeared to the “press conference” dressed in an elegant after ski creation designed by Monsieur Knuves and he looked very sporty and jet set like!


M: Well, Knuti, it lookes like you are in good shape and well prepared for the Knulympics.


K: Oh yes, I feel fine and I think I have a good chance to beat anybody on the ski track!


M: So you have great confidence in yourself. How about the food service – was it to your satisfaction?


K: I’m quite satisfied, thank you, I wish though there were at least two more controls…but  Daddy told me that my fan club “The Wild Herd” will be watching the competition along the track so I hope they will bring some light refreshments with them. I also have many friends at the Fireside Café so maybe Chief Eva  and her staff will come with something yammy to inspire me and make me fly on the track!


M: Today it was only 1 km but how do you think you’ll manage 15 km?


K: WHAT?? YIKES!! You must be kidding! 15 kilometers? In that case I’ll need a few caves where I can take a nap and Daddy and the Uncles must train very hard to be able to make it to the service points in time…As a matter of fact – they are the ones who need training, not me!


M: Thank you, Knuti and best of luck to you!



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