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I am dedicating my web pages to promoting the collecting of obsolete Malaysia Scouts progress badges. These old badges are hard to come by so instead I have got hold of  some replica of these obsolete badges for everyone who is interested. Picture of the  badges are shown on the other pages under their respective title. I have many of these badges for swapping.  Please write to me email  and let me know what you have for swapping. I collect progress and proficiency badges but will accept any scout badges/items which fancy me.

This site is updated regularly with picture of  Malaysia Scout badges added as and when I have the time. So please visit this site regularly to look at the badges. It is my wish to let other scouts learn about Malaysia Scout badges.


"Semangat Padi" is a Malay phrase meaning the gentle spirit "Sprit of the Padi", whose golden stem bends gracefully and bows as the grains of rice it bears as a gift of God grows more substantial in offering their precious harvest.

For the spirit of man to be likened to the "Spirit of the Padi", he too must be grown to the golden time of the full and fruitful harvesting of his talent, a gentle man, offering his best gracefully and richly and bearing beautiful knowledge and wisdom in the service of is fellow men.

"Semangat Rimba" or "The Spirit of the Forest", and those endowed with the award are brave adventurers, brave explorers, who know and value the richness of the woods and the forests and the world around them. They are confident and courageous to face their enemies and difficulties.

Picture below shows the design of the 3 Awards used until 1991. The awards are given away very sparingly so not many people would have them. The medals are all hand made using the copper tooling method and a further few steps. I had the opportunity to meet the son of the original maker in the mid 1990s and  learned of how the medals were made.

This is handcrafted 6 beads to look like the traditional Africa Dinizulu beads. Those who have traded with me will vouch

that the beads are a real beauty. I am able to supply the beads just that you have to be patient as every piece is a work of

art and for that time is needed but you will never regret waiting for it.



Take a look at this

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Picture shows Malaysian Scouts centenary medal (Star) and Kuala Lumpur Scouts centenary medal (circular
with multi colour ribbon. I can help to get the Malaysian scouts medal ribbons and have them mounted on
the medal bar. Please make an offer to trade.

KL Scouting Centenary Medal

The KL Scouting centenary medal issued in 2010. This is the 2nd edition with the miniature version as well. Available for trade.

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