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"Bringing Seamanship to the Creeks from the River and the Estuary "   


Contact  Pogue and declare your interest and intentions. Pogue does not CHARGE for this "service". But he does choose who he takes. Your PogueAwayDay may be on Pogue's boat or yours! ... dependent on your needs!  Indeed, you may not [yet?] HAVE a boat and may want to use use Pentargon to "test the water". It is even possible to spend time on the mighty Thames. Pentargon is built for tidal. Pogue asks for a firm commitment to attend, before you come on board, best done by by transferring to his bank account a sum of 50 which will defray his expenses. In return you can have his undivided attention for a whole day  ... or such shorter time as it takes for you to achieve your personal objective.Pogue may want to meet you BEFORE your day away to establish what your needs are. On the day,  YOU make all the decisions as to how then day goes. ( a/c. 54056101, sort 60-15-42, S.Wall)

 A PogueAwayDay is NEITHER a course NOR a training session.
It is a sharing and transfer of knowledge between two people. 

Pogue will show YOU how HE does things with which you are not yet familiar 
and YOU will
use YOUR own innate ability and existing life skills
to adapt YOUR hidden competence to YOUR way and YOUR needs.

It might be rope-work ... solo lock management ... how to make porridge ... find a leak ...  remove an engine ... turn a 60' boat in a 62' winding hole ... navigate at close quarters ... finance your boating life ... feed yourself properly ... clear weed-hatches ... understand your engine ... learn how ferry-gliding works ... At the end of a #PogueAwayDay you decide what the day was worth to YOU. If you are happy and wish to be generous, you may demonstrate that generosity financially or by telling others how you benefited from the experience!

A #PogueAwayDay is not about money. ... 
It is about unlocking skills you already have.
******* ******* *********

One lass (at the end of a self-inflicted gruelling day into night) said:-
"I had the competence but did not know it;
you gave me confidence to unlock that competence"

*************             ************

...   "The Ship is Ready to Sail" ...                 

Why Pogue asks for a donation in advance.

Pogue once travelled 50 miles by train to meet a lass who
a. had no money to pay his fare. (S.WALL
54056101 60-15-42)
b. had no boat but forgot to mention that in advance.
Pogue had assumed she was coming by boat and left his boat 50 miles away. 

A [male] ( with his own boat!) intimated he would give Pogue his travelling expenses on the day.
It transpired (on the day) that he had been hemmed in and did not know how to move away.
The boat was extricated moved to a new mooring and the client reckoned he was happy
No exchange ever occurred as the boater had no money, no account, no moral compass.

A young lady had arranged by phone for Pogue to meet her at her boat near Broadway.
She needed to move from there to West London and "lacked the skill and/or confidence".
She had left the keys for Pogue but omitted to mention she was not going to be on board.
The boat was tupperware and alongside, hemmed in by steel narrow-boats on a very wet day.
The outboard was incapable of being started except by a "boyfriend" who did not attend.
Pogue's expenses for that day were considerable and went unrequited, but you knew that.

THAT day Pogue decided a bank transfer would be a good way to avoid being stung again
S.WALL  a/c54056101 sort 60-15-42 NatWest Farnborough

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