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This website was to have been the Unofficial Operations Manual for Londinium1 (aka "L1"), the primary craft of the London Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service in the first decade of the century. L1  moored at HMS President just down-river of Tower Bridge and adjacent to St. Katherines Dock and was powered by twin 6cyl Listers.  It was on L1 that Pogue Muhone (10807) acquired much river and power boat experience under the guidance of Eric Woodhouse, Nigel Greene, Chris Browne, Hon.Chief Eng. Roby Stewart and later Robert Woodhouse with whom Shaun worked as a 2nd Engineer. MVS London began to fall apart after most of those named above moved on. and in 2017 the remnants of the unit were effectively evicted and the boat moved to a berth in Poplar. 

The site is now morphing slowly into an operations room for inland waters and for "PogueAwayDays".

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