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Advice for the Rugrats, errr... Angels in Your Life

Kid's Pick the Best of the World Wide Web

When it comes to finding the best of the web for children, who better to choose than the kids themselves? Of course, we won't leave out the parents and grandparents and the others who love them but for the most part, we find that the rugrats have an imagination that is more fun and more creative than any of their adult role models so we decided to bring to the kids what the kids love best. You'll find crafts, cooking, games, and a slew of other interactive sites for children here, along with a forum for questions, answers and general advice for those who care for them. We sincerely hope you enjoy our site and look forward to hearing from you. Happy kids make happy families!

To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all.
Anatole France

No Such Thing as Boredom

Okay, so maybe there is but it doesn't have to consume an entire day. You can download and print the " Things to Do " doc and have the rugrats list all the things they could be doing if they were'nt so busy thinking about the things they can't. Keep the lists in a folder for later. For now, each time they get the boredom bug, let them complete a list and then go on to choose one thing to do from the list they created. You will see the list change with each time they finish one. After awhile of this you'll be able to get out the lists when they complain and notice the complaints just fade away as their imaginations take over and they come up with even more new things to do. You'll find other downloads on the Craft Page for your convenience. 

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