The Biblical Journey


I was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1974. To Rev. and Mrs. James Davis. two wonderful Christian parents to have. There were several moves along the way, since I lived in a parsonage. I have lived in Ohio, Pa, and New York. I loved every place that we lived, and the people were all great. When it came time to choose a colleg I knew where I wanted to go, and more importantly where God wanted me to. I went to God's Bible School in the fall of 1994. I had five wonderful years there, that I will never forget! I came to know so many wonderful people also. I graduated in May of 1998, with a degree in Home Ec. and a minor in Children's ministry. In the August of that same year I took my Supervisors training for School of Tommorow out of Dallas Texas, and began teaching at a Christian school in Tunkhannock, Pa I taught there from 98-01, I enjoyed it very much. It was a great experience! I moved to Towanda, Pa and helped take care of a very fine Christian lady, who has since gone on to heaven.

 My new Job since May of 2004 has been working as a Home care aide for Bayada Nurses. I take care of a special needs child, and God gives me the strength that I need!

Family Update:

Parents: Still living in Upper New York, Dad is busy serving the Lord as a Prison Chaplin.

Sister, Tami is married to Jonathan Fall(pastor of the Green Grove Pilgrim Holiness Church) They have six wonderful children!

Things about me:

Favorite foods: Spaghetti, Pizza, fish, Oh and did I say Chocolate!

Favorite things to do: Scrapbooking, being on the computer, and yes listening to music, and studying God's precious word and spending time with him in prayer, also writting poems!and of course I have to mention shopping!

Favorite color:purple

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31

Favorite sport to play: Golf and basketball

Favorite Music: Southern Gospel and of course the wonderful Hymns of the Church.

Favorite Hymn: "Higher Ground"

Favorite Southern Gospel Song: "Worthy the Lamb"

Animal that I own: A 3 year old cat named, Peachy

My personal testimony

As I have just mentioned I was raised in a good christian home, but I knew I must have experienced this wonderful plan of salvation myself. I couldn't rely on my parents salvation. Where I really experienced the saving grace of Jesus was around the age of 12, at a Binghamton camp. I was in my cottage and I was thinking about what the evangelist had just preached. Then later while in college I experieced the santifying power of the holy spirit! I have had some trials since then, but over the years I have learned more and more to trust in Jesus! Thank God!

A touch from God!

There was an incident that happen while in Bible school that I would like to share with you and show you that God can give us all the strength to pull us through! My last year of college I experience trouble with my nerves, I had left several hard classes for my last year and it was really running me down, I was experiencing panic attacts, chest pains and trouble sleeping, I wondered if I would ever make it through that difficult year. Well,God had a lot of people on the hilltop that were always there to give that encourging word or note, or just a smile ! And a wonderful family that was always there when I needed them! But best of all God was there every step of the way, i didn't always feel his presence but i know it was that point that he was holding me in his arms.  So if you are out there today and you are experiencing a problem that you seem to not be able to handle, just remember we can't on our own,  but with God we can do all things through him which strengthen us! Also remember on the other hand if you see someone that is down don't pass them by, hand over a cheerful word, or a warm smile to encouraged them!