The Biblical Journey

Prayer For Our Troops

I pray for our troops, Dear Lord today .

That you will help them feel your Love today.

I pray that they will Look to you and know that you will be there friend.

Help them to feel the prayers everywhere of us Christians that lift them up!

Keep them safe as they are fighting in danger and bring them back safe to the great USA!

Things you can do to encourage our troops

1.) The number one thing you can do is PRAY!


2.) Send care packages and messages of Support!


3.) Encourage their family members .

Poem for the troops!

May we encourage and pray for the men and women today.

that are serving our country in every possible way.

may we lift them up, not put them down

and spread patriotic cheer all over town!

Pray For The Troops

They are from all over

the north and south

the east and west

their mission is the same.

They have gone to defend our nation

and freedom to proclaim

They are brave men and women

who are willing to fight, for a cause that is just

and a cause that is right.

So let us lift our eyes to the sky

and send up many a prayer, and pray

that God will bring them safely home to

their families everwhere!


Here is a prayer list that I am starting of  troops!

Philip Vernon

Ryan Millls

Joshua Mouser

Keith Reitz

Daniel Hartley

Christy Hartley

Daniel Fish

Scott Knight

Brad Forrider

Tom Miller

Justin McCallus

Darell Underwood

Kevin Coxon

Eric Wells

Jonathan Robbins

James Lunsford