The Biblical Journey


The Storm that you are going through may seem to never end,

But Jesus promised He would be there, For He is your dearest friend!

He said He will never leave you, nor forsake you, and His promises

are true! Just hold to His hand and He will see you through!

"God The Wonderful Creator"

God made the rivers and God made the Seas, God made

the mountains, rivers, and trees! God sends the rain and

snowflakes to fall, For He is the great Creator of all!

He is in control of everything, for He regins over all! He

cares for all of his creation both big and small!

He cares when we become discouraged or sad, when we

go His way , He is so very glad. He knows what temptaions or trails we face,

He is there to give us so much strength and grace!

The Peace

Many people are searching, but can't seem to find, the

peace and contentment, and great peace of mind. They

turn to the wrong things, that only bring them dispair

when all along Jesus is standing right there!

For Jesus is the one who brings peace and joy, and makes life so worth

living, and better for us to enjoy!

It's true there is hardships and trails along the way, but Jesus has promised to

be there each and everyday!

And one of these days when our journey ends, we will thank Jesus for being that friend that

we could lean on and depend!

Jesus Brings happiness!

"The sun is not always shinning

  and the sky is not always bright.

  but having Jesus by my side brings

  happiness day and night.

  He is my soul provider

  Comforter and King,

   and with His presence

   day by day his praises

   I will sing!"

He hears when we cry!

"There are times in life when trials come our way

  and it brings the tears to come with each passing day.

  But there is one in heaven who every tear does see,

  And He will be right with you, and your best friend be."


God's Praises!

" When we dwell on things around us

   they can get us down

   when we see all the pain and sorrow our

   smiles turn into a frown.

   We must not dwell on our problem,

    for they discouragement will bring

    We must look up to Heaven and God's praises we must sing!

     For our trails come to bring us closer

     to the God we so dearly love,

     and helps us to be fit for Heaven

     our lovely home above!


Being with Jesus!

Walking and talking with Jesus

what delight, even when we are faced with

battles to fight.

He will be there through the good days and bad

He is there when we are happy, He is there when

we are sad.

He is the Greatest Friend that I have ever had!