The Biblical Journey

Just wanted you all to know what a great friend Jesus is! Trust you all can come to know this precious friend! I know there are alot of you that already know Him and serve Him,but for those that have not , just want you to know that you can! 

It is as easy as ABC

A- Admit that you are a sinner

B- Believe and you shall be saved

C- Commit your ways to Jesus and He will help you and see you through!

He will be that faithful friend that can help you through whatever you go through!

The road won't be always easy, But Jesus will be there to guide you! and the reward will be great, Heaven will be your home!


Jesus is the best way, He is the only way to heaven, He died on the cross for all of us so that we could be free! Accept this precious gift today and ask Him in and He will make you whole!