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Windows 98 Second Edition on Modern PC

Edit: I'f you installed Windows 98 SE on your Computer, install Unofficial SP2.1a.

Why? It will fixes the 2,10+ GHz Problems, and This will Removes the more than 512 MB RAM Win98 doesn't run. By the way, I'f you install this Unofficial Service Pack, You can install Drivers to your Computer, ATI, Realtek HD Audio, Nvidia, TP-Link, etc. Don't worry, I'f you can't Find Windows 98 Drivers for your Videocard, or Soundcard, it is okay, Just install Windows XP Drivers onto your Computer.

I really don't know I'f you still can play DOS Games on it, but I think you can, Because the Old games Requires 300 MHz to 1,50 GHz. 


Windows 98 SE Serial: G68YK-VR38-2WDTT-7W9RP-BQ64T


This Method Removes the "RAM Limit".

 Issues: More than 512MB RAM will not start up Windows 98, due to Protection Error.

-Due' to Old Operating System, I recommended Installing an Old Videocard & Soundcard into your Motherboard, Plus, I 'recommend Dual Booting Windows 98 and Windows XP', I'f you can't connect to the Internet.


NOTE: Only use this Method when the Setup says: Your computer is restarting, and then Boot up on Windows XP or Windows 7 it's doesn't matter, after you Edited the File, Restart your Computer and boot up into Windows 98, where it's says: "Getting ready to run Windows for first Time."

RAM Issues:

Go to (Hard Drive):\WINDOWS\system.ini

 Edit System.ini with Notepad, and Scroll Down to '[386Enh]' and add the Line 'MaxPhysPage=30000' anywhere in that column.

Save the File, and boot up into Windows 98 SE.

You may get an Error about, "JAVA didn't installed Correctly". It is okay, just Click Ok.

And then your Computer restarts, aaaaaaaaand...


Enjoy your Freshly Installed Windows 98 SE!


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