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How to run GTA IV, on a low end PC

It is possible to run GTA IV on a low end PC. Why? Here's my Specs.:

 -Processor: AMD LE-1250 Sempron 2,20 GHz (1 Core)

 -Videocard: ATI Radeon HD 3600 (512MB)

 -RAM: 2GB

 -OP.: Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit

And I always get 15-16 FPS, but not always.


First, install the Patch. You need to install it, Because It fixes FPS lags, and Problems.

2., Download, and Install Game Booster, from Game Booster's official Website. It's Free.


Okay. Install Patch, I'f you need crack, contact me at YouTube. KiLerZolika

Then Start up Game Booster, and Tick some boxes in Game Booster's settings, to improve Performance.

I'f you're done with that, Click that Big Circle Button, BUT DON'T CLOSE IT!.

Go to GameBox, and select GTA IV, and Start it. 


Other Solution:

Install Patch, and Crack it. I'f you need crack, Contact me at YouTube, my username is KiLerZolika

Defrag GTA IV's Files.

Go to Game Booster, and Start GTA IV with it.